NGDC FC GFC Clk's Point Me The Way

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NGDC FC GFC Clk's Point Me The Way

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SR59544007
Owner(s) J Alden


Heart of America GSP Club2016-09-30 OLGD 3 16Chuck PariettiPeter Wilkin
GSP Club of Nebraska2016-09-22 OLGD 4 36Mike ZimbelmanBruce Bryant
Ringneck GSP Club2016-03-25 GOLGD 4 23Edward MyersKevin Stonehouse
GSP Club of America2015-10-12 OGD 1 68Stan WilliamsonChris Streitenberger
Heart of America GSP Club2015-09-25 OLGD 3 20Ken ChenowethDon Kimble
GSP Club of America2014-10-13 NGDC 1 76Dickie SorrellCynthia Findley
GSP Club of America2014-05-11 GOLGD 1 13David TaylorJames (JJJ) Juergens
GSP Club of Nebraska2014-05-08 OLGD 1 18Peter WilkinJames (JJJ) Juergens
Heart of America GSP Club2014-03-28 AGD 2 28Brooks CarmichaelTrasa Shinpoch
Heart of America GSP Club2014-03-28 ALGD 1 20Bruce BryantWayland Russell
Heart of America GSP Club2014-03-28 OLGD 1 20Brooks CarmichaelJames Burch
Ringneck GSP Club2014-03-21 OGD 1 18Stephen HetmanekBruce Bryant
Ringneck GSP Club2014-03-21 OLGD 4 23Howard BurbachJames (JJJ) Juergens
Sunflower GSP Club2013-10-11 OLGD 2 23Trasa ShinpochWayland Russell
GSP Club of Nebraska2013-09-19 OLGD 1 44Peter WilkinTimothy Thaden
GSP Club of Nebraska2013-05-09 OGD 2 19Larry LoftinSusan Oertel
GSP Club of Nebraska2013-05-09 OLGD 1 22Christopher BryantJosh Nieman
GSP Club of Eastern Iowa2012-09-14 AGD 3 15Richard BarberRandy Caldwell
Ringneck GSP Club2012-03-23 AGD 3 10Joe FingerlinArthur Armbrust