FC Jagar The Jag Man Somethin

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FC Jagar The Jag Man Somethin

AKC Number SR42662006
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) M Lund/A Lund
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Inland Empire GSP Club2014-09-27 AGD 1 19Laura MylesMichael Palmer
GWP Club of Central Oregon2014-09-13 AGD 3 22Angela SchillereffBryan Keith Adams
GSP Club of Oregon2014-04-26 AGD 3 16John WilliamsJoseph Proulx
Inland Empire GSP Club2014-04-05 AGD 2 10Joseph ProulxManette Jones
East Seattle Pointer Club2014-03-08 AGD 4 18John SullivanJoseph Proulx
Inland Empire GSP Club2013-09-28 AGD 1 10John SullivanGeorge Lutz
GWP Club of Central Oregon2013-09-14 AGD 4 18Chris TewesJohn Sullivan
GSP Club of America2013-04-19 NAGDC 4 29Tim SchillereffRoy Smith
Las Vegas Bird Dog Club2013-02-09 OGD 3 37Ellis HerzMichael Eisen
GSP Club of Utah2013-02-07 OGD 1 26Marty MiddletonBryan Hogan
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2012-09-22 OGD 3 19Wayne YamashitaJohn Sullivan
GSP Club of Oregon2012-09-01 OGD 1 14Calvin PalmerHeinz Ahlman
GWP Club of Central Oregon2012-04-21 OGD 3 20Chris TewesRandall Berry
GSP Club of Washington2012-04-14 AGD 1 21Janet GrunbokDave Fowler
Inland Empire GSP Club2012-04-07 AGD 1 13Joseph SchaeferDestrie Hansen
GSP Club of Oregon2012-03-31 AGD 4 25Janet GrunbokJohn Williams


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