AFC NAFC FC Reo Pawnee

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AFC NAFC FC Reo Pawnee

AKC Number SR21658906
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) D Dalton
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Vizsla Club of Southern California2012-01-06 OLGD 3 29David BillsLeif Lendrop
GSP Club of Colorado2011-04-07 OLGD 3 14Ben GarciaDestrie Hansen
GSP Club of Colorado2011-04-07 ALGD 3 24M AldrichSteve Bailey
Northern Arizona GSP Club2010-08-21 ALGD 1 11Timothy HidalgoMary Hidalgo
Northern Arizona GSP Club2010-08-21 OLGD 2 22Chris GoeganPeterson Ric
GWP Club of Southern California2010-02-26 AGD 2 13John CushingFrank Fernandez
Southern Arizona GSP Club2010-01-14 AGD 2 12Norman AhlBlair Holzer
GSP Club of America2009-10-12 NAFC 2 90Bill LandressJames Kermott
GWP Club of Southern California2009-02-20 AGD 2 15Greg KnightLou Tonelli
GWP Club of Southern California2009-02-20 OLGD 2 26Russ SettellJohn Cushing
GSP Club of San Diego2009-02-06 OGD 3 21Tom WhiteDavid Bills
Desert GSP Club2009-01-15 AGD 2 24Lee HolsingerT.W. BESENICK
Vizsla Club of Southern California2009-01-09 OLGD 1 21Louis D'AlessandroRussell Boyd
GSP Club of America2008-10-13 NAFC 1 80Tom WhiteDoug Vaughn
GSP Club of Las Cruces2008-08-12 OGD 3 46Rick PetersenBill Root
GSP Club of Utah2008-04-04 AGD 3 18Rich BurgiAllen Bailey
GSP Club of Utah2008-04-04 OGD 4 19Emmett BurnsArthur Cox
GSP Club of California2008-03-15 AGD 3 19Donald MagoonBill Tanner
GWP Club of Southern California2008-02-22 AGD 1 9Cindy LeffingwellWilliam Leffingwell
GWP Club of Southern California2008-02-22 OGD 2 27Robert SmithDon Pool
Northern Arizona GSP Club2008-02-15 AGD 1 18Don GydeSal Satallante
Northern Arizona GSP Club2008-02-15 OGD 3 12Jack Faley JRRon Yospur
GSP Club of San Diego2008-02-08 AGD 2 8Gene WullkottePaul Doiron
GSP Club of San Diego2008-02-08 OGD 4 16Greg KnightWilliam Leffingwell
Desert GSP Club2008-01-19 AGD 1 44Cindy PescodR Peterson
Vizsla Club of Southern California2008-01-10 AGD 1 15Nicole HanzelBruce Hale
Gulf Coast GSP Club2007-02-17 OGD 3 32Claude KilpatrickJan Kilpatrick
Vizsla Club of Southern California2007-01-11 OGD 2 49Bill TannerRay Calkins
Desert GSP Club2006-08-25 AGD 3 21Cris HeydenDon Gini
GSP Club of Central California, Inc.2006-05-12 OD 1 9Raymond NelsonConnie Smith
GSP Club of Central California, Inc.2006-05-12 AGD 2 13Michael VazRoy Smith
Vizsla Club of Northern California2006-03-04 OD 2 23Michael VazHorace Dimaggio
GSP Club of San Diego2006-02-10 OD 3 18Edward DixonSal Satallante


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