Dunfurs Ellie Von Grief

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Dunfurs Ellie Von Grief

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SR60041901
Owner(s) M Kinney


GSP Club of Washington2014-04-12 OGD 3 28John SullivanJoseph Proulx
East Seattle Pointer Club2014-03-08 OGD 4 18Heinz AhlmanJoseph Proulx
Inland Empire GSP Club2013-09-28 OGD 3 14Todd SchaafTimothy Zick
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2013-05-04 OGD 3 18Wayne YamashitaJohn Sullivan
GWP Club of Central Oregon2013-04-20 AGD 4 13John SullivanCarolyn Griffith
GSP Club of Washington2013-04-13 OGD 1 23George LutzJoseph Proulx
Inland Empire GSP Club2013-04-06 OGD 4 14Michael JonesHeinz Ahlman
East Seattle Pointer Club2013-03-09 OGD 3 18Paul FredrichHeinz Ahlman
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2012-05-05 OGD 3 15John SullivanJoseph Proulx