DC AFC Tiber Creek's Ricochet Joey

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DC AFC Tiber Creek's Ricochet Joey

AKC Number SR22890201
Breed Vizsla
Owner(s) G Lawson
Links: OFA, Vizsla Database
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Call Name    Joey
Sire     DC Rebel Rouser Orion
Dam     Semper Fi Daisy Mae (offspring only)


Old Dominion Vizsla Club2013-01-19 AGD 1 16Mark CalderBruce Conover
Diamond State GSP Association2012-12-08 ALGD 3 11Lynn FairJehu Layfield
Vizsla Club of Metro Atlanta2012-11-23 ALGD 2 12Larry WestBob Erbe
Old Dominion Vizsla Club2012-10-26 ALGD 4 9Bruce ConoverJohn Ward
Lansing GSP Club2012-10-13 OGD 3 10Tom OswaldSusan DeGraw
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2012-04-28 AGD 2 18James DemarcoRobert Vaulding
Old Dominion Vizsla Club2012-03-16 ALGD 4 15Greg NicholsonP Rutter
Old Dominion Vizsla Club2012-03-16 OLGD 2 10P RutterRay Rinker
Conestoga Vizsla Club2012-03-10 AGD 4 8Patricia HudsonC A Kuhns
Old Dominion Vizsla Club2012-01-21 OGD 1 8Tim CarwileScott Smith
Vizsla Club of Metro Atlanta2011-11-24 ALGD 3 16James DemarcoJan Erbe
Weimaraner Club of the Washington DC Area2011-10-28 OLGD 3 9E KuhnsJesse Chapman IV
Old Dominion Vizsla Club2011-10-21 OLGD 3 8P RutterRay Rinker
GSP Club of Central Virginia2011-10-14 ALGD 3 8Bill HollowayFred Lowry
GSP Club of Central Virginia2011-10-14 OLGD 4 9Bill HollowayE Kuhns
Conestoga Vizsla Club2011-09-30 OLGD 3 13Jesse Chapman IVJustin Allen
Garden State Weimaraner Club2011-04-30 OGD 1 14Howard ShultzGreg Ritchings
Vizsla Club of Metro Atlanta2010-11-25 AGD 1 17Trish BurdinJim Carter
Southern Maryland English Setter Club2010-11-20 AGD 3 13Louis PalazzoloErica Bandes
Pointer Associates of New England2010-10-29 AGD 4 19Michael ErnestFrank Cavalieri
Pointer Associates of New England2010-10-29 ALGD 3 13Thomas TazzaLisa Miller
Old Dominion Vizsla Club2010-10-22 AGD 3 13Mark CalderThomas Digney
Oak Ridge Pointing Dog Club2010-05-29 ALGD 3 19Leslie CasselberryArthur Terstage
Old Dominion Vizsla Club2010-05-07 AGD 2 19Julia BonarKitty Pullen
Old Dominion Vizsla Club2010-05-07 OGD 1 14Tim CarwileScott Smith
Garden State Weimaraner Club2010-04-30 OGD 3 27Mark CalderRobert Errigo
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2010-04-23 OGD 3 21Richard MurphyRichard Frawley
Mason-Dixon GSP Club2010-04-17 OLGD 4 15Mark CalderAl Lucas
Mason-Dixon GSP Club2010-03-27 ALGD 2 12James BirdsallRoy Schaeffer
Southern Maryland English Setter Club2009-11-20 AGD 4 13James D'AmicoBob Bonneville
Old Dominion Vizsla Club2009-10-16 AGD 4 16Catherine KuhnsMary Allen
Mason-Dixon GSP Club2009-04-17 AGD 2 17William BrucheyArt Cohen
Weimaraner Club of the Washington DC Area2009-04-03 OGD 4 22Mark CalderHoward Shultz
Conestoga Vizsla Club2009-03-13 AGD 4 5Gus AllimonosBob Bonneville
Old Dominion Vizsla Club2009-03-06 AGD 2 16Julia BonarScott Smith
Southern Maryland English Setter Club2008-11-21 OGD 3 17Ernest Chisena IIIGwynne G. McDevitt
Pointer Associates of New England2008-11-01 OGD 3 25Tom MercierRichard Murphy
Conestoga Vizsla Club2008-10-04 OLGD 3 25Kevin ArberRandy Boggs
Conestoga Vizsla Club2006-03-10 AWD 2 5Paul SnyderAl Lucas
Conestoga Vizsla Club2006-03-10 OD 3 7Mark SullivanClint Sails
Old Dominion Vizsla Club2006-03-03 AWD 2 9William BrucheyBarbara Foehrkolb
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2006-02-25 AWD 2 16Wayne ScubelekGreg Ritchings
Wilderness Pointer Club of Virginia2005-12-10 OP 2 4Lynn WorthRobert Anders
Wilderness Pointer Club of Virginia2005-12-10 OD 2 4William BrucheyJames D'Amico
Southern Maryland English Setter Club2005-11-18 OP 2 4Charlene GibsonBeth Molnar
Mason-Dixon GSP Club2005-11-12 OP 4 4Joe McHughDorothea Romano
Diamond State GSP Association2005-10-28 OD 1 11Steve HenriksonRon Bonar
Diamond State GSP Association2005-10-28 OP 2 8Anton BohnClint Sails
Old Dominion Vizsla Club2005-10-14 AWP 1 4Kevin ArberGreg Ritchings
Old Dominion Vizsla Club2005-10-14 OP 1 6Paul SnyderKevin Arber
Old Dominion Vizsla Club2005-10-14 AWD 1 4Thomas DigneyAl Lucas
GSP Club of Central Virginia2005-10-08 OP 4 8Bill HollowayBarbara Foehrkolb
Conestoga Vizsla Club2005-09-30 AWP 1 6Jim RowellMark Sullivan
Conestoga Vizsla Club2005-09-30 OD 1 13Barbara FoehrkolbClint Sails
Pointer Associates of New England2005-06-03 AWP 3 10Dave PomfretKeith Madden
Conestoga Vizsla Club2005-04-30 AWP 3 13Beth MolnarClint Sails
Conestoga Vizsla Club2005-04-30 OP 1 8Chauncey SmithTerry Lucas


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