FC AFC Coco Marsh Bylo

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FC AFC Coco Marsh Bylo

AKC Number SR22908701
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) R Bylo
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Tartan Gordon Setter Club2012-10-20 OGD 3 16Charles SchaefferCory Roy
Tartan Gordon Setter Club2011-10-22 OGD 2 19Lucille JardinRichard Jardin
Pointer Associates of New England2011-10-01 AGD 1 6Richard MurphyStacy Goodle
Pointer Associates of New England2011-10-01 ALGD 2 8Keith CulverStacy Goodle
Hudson Valley GSP Club2011-06-03 AGD 3 19Greg NicholsonJoe Amatulli
Nutmeg GSP Club2010-04-02 AGD 1 13Keith MaddenStacy Goodle
Nutmeg GSP Club2009-11-06 ALGD 1 13Tony SmidShan Wessels
Hudson Valley GSP Club2009-09-25 OGD 1 18Dean BrowningTania Lewandowski
Nutmeg GSP Club2008-11-07 OLGD 2 14Robert AmatoAllen Welch
Pointer Associates of New England2008-11-01 ALGD 2 13Robert AmatoJoan Heimbach
Southern New England Brittany Club2008-10-10 OGD 1 26Leslie CasselberryJeffrey Currier
Diamond State GSP Association2008-09-27 AGD 3 21Michael GlassScott Smith
Nutmeg GSP Club2007-11-09 OGD 4 16Jane BjorkEdward Sawicki
Southern New England Brittany Club2006-03-25 OD 2 9Virginia PrattDavid Marshall
Hudson Valley GSP Club2006-03-18 OD 1 6Calvin WelchAllen Welch
Hudson Valley GSP Club2006-03-18 AWD 1 9Terry CartyKeith Madden
Hudson Valley GSP Club2005-11-19 OP 4 5Richard MurphyKeith Madden
Nutmeg GSP Club2005-11-12 AWP 4 7Carl CorreraDebra Goodie
Nutmeg GSP Club2005-11-12 OP 4 7Debra GoodieBill Felins
Pointer Associates of New England2005-11-05 AWP 2 6Bill GormanBill Felins
Southern New England Brittany Club2005-10-07 OP 1 9James J WilkinsonJoseph Wessling


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