NAFC FC AFC Snowy River's Cuttin Country

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NAFC FC AFC Snowy River's Cuttin Country

AKC Number SR71483203
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) C Verdoorn
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GSP Club of Nebraska2018-05-10 OAA 1 10Richard WaltersBruce Bryant
GSP Club of Central Iowa2018-04-13 GOLGD 2 26Dano MorfGailen Cooper
Ringneck GSP Club2018-04-03 GOLGD 4 26Stan TruksaMike Griffin
Ringneck GSP Club2018-04-03 GOLAA 2 16Tom TracyMike Griffin
Ringneck GSP Club2018-04-03 GALGD 2 16Robert B RohnerTom Tracy
Heart of America GSP Club2018-03-30 OLGD 1 12Clayton CummingsAndrew Weyer
GSP Club of Central Iowa2017-11-10 GOLGD 3 14Bruce HeiterRandy Caldwell
Frontier GSP Club of Cheyenne2017-09-21 GALGD 4 34Mark WassermanJim Michaletz
GSP Club of Nebraska2017-08-26 AAA 1 10Bob ErbeJ Schnipkoweit
GSP Club of Central Iowa2017-04-14 OLGD 3 25Dano MorfBrent Hoehns
Lone Star GSP Club2017-01-18 GALGD 2 37Leonard MoralesXavier Franco
GSP Club of America2016-10-17 NAFC 1 93John RabidouDavid Downing
GSP Club of Nebraska2016-09-22 OLGD 1 36Mike ZimbelmanBruce Bryant
GSP Club of Central Iowa2015-11-06 OLGD 1 18Randy CaldwellAndrew Weyer
GSP Club of Nebraska2015-05-07 ALGD 3 18Stephen HetmanekDarrin White
GSP Club of Nebraska2015-05-07 OLGD 2 13Jeffrey WallaceTimothy Thaden
Ringneck GSP Club2015-03-31 GALGD 2 14Kenneth SandersonDickie Sorrell
Heart of America GSP Club2015-03-27 AGD 3 18Robert ThompsonKen Chenoweth
Heart of America GSP Club2015-03-27 ALGD 2 8Kenneth SandersonThomas Wynn
Heart of America GSP Club2015-02-14 ALGD 1 8Randy RathmanJames (JJJ) Juergens
Gateway GSP Club2014-10-01 AGD 2 14Tony McgraneKevin Stonehouse
GSP Club of Nebraska2014-05-08 ALGD 3 10Stephen HetmanekJames (JJJ) Juergens
GSP Club of Oklahoma2014-04-11 AGD 1 17Rob MartinTrasa Shinpoch
Heart of America GSP Club2014-03-28 OGD 1 27Skip WonnellCaleb Bryson
Nebraska Vizsla Club2014-03-15 ALGD 1 9Timothy ThadenRobbie Roy Myers
Nebraska Vizsla Club2014-03-15 OLGD 1 9Bonnie BergmeyerTimothy Thaden
GSP Club of Oklahoma2014-03-01 OLGD 1 4Jay SchroederTrasa Shinpoch
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2013-04-26 AWD 1 10Thomas LococoTroy Ryan
Heart of America GSP Club2013-02-09 OD 2 4Bruce BryantThomas Wynn
Sunflower GSP Club2012-10-12 OP 2 9James D StinnettJay Schroeder
Heart of America GSP Club2012-09-28 AWD 2 4Peter WilkinG F Henry


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