Moonsetter My Soul Rejoice

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Moonsetter My Soul Rejoice

AKC Number SR71399201
Owner(s) E Nolan


Golden Gate Gordon Setter Club2013-11-02 AWD 2 6Jim AbsmeierLinda Azevedo
Monterey Bay English Setter Club2013-09-28 AWD 3 5Vickie TompkinsJeff Davis
Irish Setter Club of the Pacific - S.F.2013-03-09 OP 2 12Bill LandressPhilip Letzo
Golden Gate Gordon Setter Club2013-02-16 AWP 1 11Dale WalkerAnne Boyd
Golden Gate Gordon Setter Club2013-02-16 AWD 3 11Robert SmithRich Strumpf
Golden Gate Gordon Setter Club2012-11-03 AWP 3 4Nick NickolLynda Swart