FC Murphy's Babe

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FC Murphy's Babe

AKC Number SR72398004
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) B Murphy/N Murphy
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Frontier GSP Club of Cheyenne2018-09-27 GOLGD 1 34Colin KennedyT GELHAUS
Ringneck GSP Club2018-03-23 GOLGD 1 20Timothy ThadenLance Schulz
Ringneck GSP Club2018-03-23 GALGD 2 17Chuck PariettiLance Schulz
GSP Club of San Antonio2017-02-08 OGD 1 26Chad IndermanM Butler JR
North Dakota Pointing Dog Club2016-05-13 AGD 1 6Todd PiechowskiLance Schulz
North Dakota Pointing Dog Club2016-05-13 OGD 1 10Randy RathmanShane Anderson
Ringneck GSP Club2016-03-25 AGD 4 10Gulledge RobbieKevin Stonehouse
Ringneck GSP Club2016-03-25 OGD 4 16Stephen HetmanekKevin Stonehouse
Central Georgia Pointing Dog Club2015-01-31 GOLGD 3 18Jerry WebbRon Lambert
Mid Florida Brittany Club2014-12-17 OLGD 2 12Wayne JamesPaul Daniel
Vizsla Club of Metro Atlanta2014-11-28 OLGD 1 27Will GarrettJohn Houghton
Montana Brittany Club2013-08-23 OD 1 16Michael JonesManette Jones
GSP Club of Nebraska2013-05-09 OP 1 12Jim Douglass JRJeffrey Wallace
Gateway GSP Club2013-04-05 OP 3 4Teresa GimbutPeter Coppens
Gateway GSP Club2013-04-05 OD 2 6Richard BarberPeter Coppens
Heart of America GSP Club2013-03-29 OD 2 12Jon HannLaura Miller
Gateway GSP Club2012-12-08 OP 3 5Kendall BrownSkip Wonnell


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