NFC NAFC FC AFC Southpaw's Ottercreek Bailee Belle

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NFC NAFC FC AFC Southpaw's Ottercreek Bailee Belle

AKC Number SR72012403
Breed Weimaraner
Owner(s) B Sims
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Sire     FC AFC Windancers Jota V. Reiteralm
Dam     Southpaw's Blue Ridge Beaut (offspring only)


Central Georgia Pointing Dog Club2016-12-29 GALGD 4 14Tom HagenRon Lambert
Weimaraner Club of America2016-12-03 NFC 1 24Dave VogelsangJames Gagnon
Weimaraner Club of America2016-12-03 NAFC 1 27John RabidouM Aldrich
GSP Club of Atlanta2016-11-17 ALGD 2 6Earl FowlsJohn Houghton
GSP Club of Atlanta2016-01-07 ALGD 1 8John HoughtonJosh Holden
Central Georgia Pointing Dog Club2016-01-01 AGD 3 14Jeffrey CravenWayne James
Central Florida GSP Club2015-12-11 AGD 1 14Stephanie KleinmanTammy Richmond
GSP Club of Atlanta2015-11-12 AGD 3 15Lori RezzardiJeffrey Craven
East Tennessee Pointing Dog Club2015-10-23 ALGD 3 7David MedfordBill Barber
North Florida GSP Club2015-03-21 ALGD 4 7Foster BrawnStephanie Daugherty
North Florida GSP Club2015-03-21 OLGD 3 7Lisa DurhamDon Bonnice
GSP Club of Atlanta2015-01-08 AGD 3 14Earl FowlsDave Pomfret
GSP Club of Atlanta2015-01-08 ALGD 2 14Dave PomfretJosh Holden
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2015-01-02 AGD 1 13Jean MatmorTania Campbell
Central Florida GSP Club2014-12-13 AGD 4 15Jean MatmorStephanie Daugherty
Central Florida GSP Club2014-12-13 OGD 1 13Bob ErbeStephanie Daugherty
Florida Panhandle GSP Club2014-01-10 AWD 3 5Marla FaverScott Phipps
Florida Panhandle GSP Club2014-01-10 OD 3 5Linda LangfordScott Phipps
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2013-12-06 OD 4 12Chris O'BrienPaul Hermes
GSP Club of Atlanta2013-11-14 OD 3 11Darcy DuValC Lane Hodges
GSP Club of South Georgia2013-11-09 AWD 3 5John LeavittJohn Davis
Chattahoochee Weimaraner Club2013-11-08 AWD 3 6Paula GrossTania Campbell
Tomoka Woods Pointing Breed Dog Club of Florida2013-11-02 OD 3 6Joe RuelaJohn Davis
Emerald Coast Vizsla Club2013-10-04 AWD 2 8Darcy DuValC Lane Hodges
Emerald Coast Vizsla Club2013-10-04 OD 2 11Linda LangfordJames Doherty
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2013-03-29 AWP 4 12Chris O'BrienTania Campbell
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2013-03-29 OP 3 13Don BonniceTania Campbell
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2013-03-29 AWD 4 10Carl ChecklickTrish Burdin
East Tennessee Pointing Dog Club2013-03-15 OD 4 9James DemarcoBill Thompson
Florida Panhandle GSP Club2013-03-08 AWP 4 4Marla FaverScott Phipps
Florida Panhandle GSP Club2013-03-08 OP 1 4Scott PhippsJames W Spencer
Florida Panhandle GSP Club2013-03-08 AWD 3 4Jim EustaceJames W Spencer
GSP Club of South Georgia2013-02-15 OP 3 7James BradleySteve Burnam
Central Georgia Pointing Dog Club2013-02-08 OD 4 8Patti Allen HuntWayne James
Emerald Coast Vizsla Club2013-01-25 OP 3 10Marcia SchlesingerTania Campbell


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