FC AFC Radbach's High Ransom

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FC AFC Radbach's High Ransom

AKC Number SR72987105
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) C Palmer/I Palmer
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Columbia Basin Pointing Dog Club2018-04-10 ALGD 1 10Todd SchaafGreg Knight
Inland Empire GSP Club2018-04-07 OLGD 1 12E W EizmanJeff Calkins
Southern Arizona GSP Club2018-01-25 GOLGD 3 13Michael McGahGreg Sand
GSP Club of Oregon2017-09-02 ALGD 2 10Wayne YamashitaBryan Hogan
East Seattle Pointing Dog Club2017-08-18 OLGD 3 20Wayne YamashitaHeinz Ahlman
GSP Club of Oregon2017-04-22 OLGD 3 30Angela SchillereffTim Schillereff
Inland Empire GSP Club2017-04-08 OLGD 4 18Kita MorrisDennis Pierce
Southern Arizona GSP Club2017-01-27 OLGD 3 12Heather GastTodd Yamamoto
Inland Empire GSP Club2016-09-24 AAA 3 8Kita MorrisRay Calkins
East Seattle Pointing Dog Club2016-08-19 AGD 1 14Mark ShearmanTodd Schaaf
GWP Club of Central Oregon2016-04-23 ALGD 4 23Wayne YamashitaCarolyn Griffith
Inland Empire GSP Club2016-04-09 AGD 2 16Wayne YamashitaGeorge Lutz
Las Vegas Bird Dog Club2016-02-05 OLGD 3 13Matthew SoltBrandon Blum
Inland Empire GSP Club2015-09-26 ALGD 3 10Todd SchaafRay Calkins
Whid Isle Brittany Club2015-09-12 AAA 2 19Mark ShearmanRick Axtell
Montana Brittany Club2015-08-28 OLGD 3 32Adrian JacksonHeather Gast
East Seattle Pointing Dog Club2015-08-14 AGD 1 20Heinz AhlmanE W Eizman
East Seattle Pointing Dog Club2015-08-14 OLGD 2 23Ben HillE W Eizman
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2015-05-02 OLGD 3 24Joseph ProulxAlen Braswell
Inland Empire GSP Club2015-04-04 OLGD 1 20Ray CalkinsHeinz Ahlman
East Seattle Pointer Club2015-03-14 AGD 2 22Angela SchillereffRoger Borine
Inland Empire GSP Club2014-09-27 OLGD 1 18Robert LopezDennis Pierce
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2014-09-06 OGD 1 35Ray CalkinsJoseph Proulx
GSP Club of Oregon2014-08-30 OGD 1 20Todd SchaafJoseph Proulx
GWP Club of Central Oregon2014-04-19 OGD 4 14Ray CalkinsHeinz Ahlman
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2013-05-04 OP 2 12Mark ShearmanRichard Spaccarelli
GSP Club of Oregon2013-04-27 OP 1 16John SullivanJoseph Fowler
GWP Club of Central Oregon2013-04-20 OP 2 11Randall BerryJoseph Fowler
Inland Empire GSP Club2013-04-06 OP 2 6John SullivanManette Jones
East Seattle Pointer Club2013-03-09 OP 4 6Todd SchaafJohn Sullivan


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