GCH CH AFC Repeat's Little 501 Blues

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GCH CH AFC Repeat's Little 501 Blues

Breed Brittany
AKC Number SR74750001
Owner(s) J Asmus


Minnesota Brittany Club2019-09-27 OGD 3 18Josh HoldenK Aitken
Badger Brittany Club2019-09-21 OLGD 3 8Sam ThompsonRebecca R Walters
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2019-09-14 OLGD 4 8Frank VicariDavid Oberst
Western Irish Setter Club2018-10-12 AGD 3 14Sam ThompsonK J Mehring
Minnesota Brittany Club2018-09-28 AGD 1 9D TangDave Carlson
GSP Club of Minnesota2018-06-03 AGD 3 13Michael RodeghieroClark Linn
Minnesota Brittany Club2018-06-01 AGD 1 13Rod LeinTodd Piechowski
GSP Club of Central Iowa2018-03-17 OGD 4 20Dano MorfKen Windom
Badger Brittany Club2017-09-23 AGD 1 14William ZwettlerSam Thompson
Badger Brittany Club2017-09-23 OGD 4 10William ZwettlerRobert Powell
Badger Brittany Club2017-09-23 OLGD 4 13Susan JanuschkaRobert Powell
Badger Brittany Club2017-06-10 AGD 3 14William ZwettlerDennis Sullivan
Badger Brittany Club2017-06-10 OGD 4 14Dennis SullivanRobert Powell
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2016-09-10 AGD 3 12Dennis SullivanHarold Heather
Badger Brittany Club2015-06-06 AGD 3 16William ZwettlerRobert Powell
Vizsla Club of Greater Milwaukee2014-09-13 OD 2 4Rob TomczakVictor Barger
Northstar Weimaraner Club2014-05-08 OD 4 12Carl OlsonKevin Jahr
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2013-10-12 OP 1 6Susan JanuschkaJeffrey Stanton
Iowa Brittany Club2013-09-23 OD 3 11David CapstickTim Self
Michigan Brittany Club2013-09-20 AWP 1 4Duane YoderD Riedl
Michigan Brittany Club2013-09-20 OP 1 7Al VanwierenMichael Poehler
Michigan Brittany Club2013-09-20 AWD 1 11Al VanwierenMichael Poehler
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2013-09-14 OP 3 6Bill ElliottTimothy Zick
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2013-09-14 OD 4 10Bill ElliottJim Couris
Wisconsin Weimaraner Club2013-05-11 AWD 2 7Sam ThompsonCarly Thompson-Martin
Northstar Weimaraner Club2013-05-09 OP 4 6James BrighamJim Couris