GCH CH Tierah's The Spy Who Loved Me

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GCH CH Tierah's The Spy Who Loved Me

Breed Vizsla
AKC Number SR69033901
Owner(s) L Bender


Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2017-12-01 OGD 1 14Lisa DurhamP Hart
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2017-12-01 ALGD 2 9Bob ErbeTania Campbell
GSP Club of Oregon2017-07-22 AGD 4 12Carolyn GriffithBryan Keith Adams
Oregon Brittany Club2017-06-10 OGD 3 18Carolyn GriffithJ WALTER
Oregon Brittany Club2017-06-10 OLGD 4 9Mark ShearmanAlen Braswell
Oregon GWP Club2017-06-03 AGD 3 9Angela SchillereffJ WALTER
Willamette Weimaraner Club2016-08-06 AGD 2 14Rick AxtellPeter Von Ohlen
Willamette Weimaraner Club2016-08-06 OGD 2 18Rick AxtellLouis D'Alessandro
Willamette Weimaraner Club2016-08-06 OLGD 1 10Rick AxtellArwen Dabb
Willamette Weimaraner Club2016-07-09 OGD 3 13Aaron FausettBryan Keith Adams
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2016-06-18 AGD 2 9Susan Russell-MatsumotoAlen Braswell
Trails End Vizsla Club of Oregon2016-05-14 OGD 3 14Leslie LikeCarolyn Griffith
Trails End Vizsla Club of Oregon2016-05-14 OLGD 1 16Richard SpaccarelliPeter Von Ohlen
Vizsla Club of America, Inc.2016-03-21 OGD 3 28Jack FlynnTimothy Zick
East Seattle Pointing Dog Club2015-08-14 OGD 4 23Todd SchaafJeff Calkins
Willamette Weimaraner Club2015-06-27 ALGD 3 8Susan Russell-MatsumotoPierre Urrutia
Willamette Weimaraner Club2015-06-27 OLGD 3 10Carolyn GriffithAlen Braswell
Willamette Weimaraner Club2015-06-27 AGD 3 11Susan Russell-MatsumotoPierre Urrutia
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2015-06-20 OGD 1 5Mark ShearmanJim House
Oregon Brittany Club2015-06-13 OGD 2 16Peter Von OhlenBryan Keith Adams
Oregon Brittany Club2015-06-13 OLGD 4 13Peter Von OhlenBryan Keith Adams
GSP Club of Oregon2015-05-30 OGD 2 7Wayne YamashitaRick Axtell
Trails End Vizsla Club of Oregon2015-05-16 AGD 1 8Angela SchillereffCarolyn Griffith
Oregon GWP Club2013-06-08 OD 4 7Peter Von OhlenJoe Waitman
Trails End Vizsla Club of Oregon2013-05-18 OD 1 4Richard SpaccarelliAngela Schillereff