Coppers Lights & Siren

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Coppers Lights & Siren

Breed Brittany
AKC Number SR75755706
Owner(s) R Stockton


Northern California Brittany Club2014-09-26 ALGD 1 13Derrick MullinWayne Hale
Sutter Buttes Pointing Dog Club2014-09-13 AWD 1 9Pierre UrrutiaWayne Hale
GWP Club of Northern California2014-05-17 AWD 2 14Connie SmithRandall Berry
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2014-04-12 AWD 4 19Steven ArtisTed Foster
Northern California Brittany Club2014-03-28 AWD 2 10Sara ShumerJoe Gower
Northern California Brittany Club2014-03-28 OD 1 11Jim HouseLeslie Like
Sutter Buttes Pointing Dog Club2013-11-21 AWP 2 4Alan BrannJim Murphy
Sutter Buttes Pointing Dog Club2013-11-21 AWD 3 5Linda AzevedoJim Murphy
Northern California Brittany Club2013-10-04 AWD 4 11Leslie LikeDerrick Mullin