FC GFC Kimber Tactical

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FC GFC Kimber Tactical

AKC Number SR75120404
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) John Kadavy
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Frontier GSP Club of Cheyenne2017-09-28 GOLGD 4 35Matt JordanBill Monk
Lone Star GSP Club2017-01-18 GOLGD 1 46James (JJJ) JuergensDickie Sorrell
Ringneck GSP Club2016-09-12 GOLGD 1 50Peter WilkinAndy Gerdes
GSP Club of America2016-05-10 OLAA 4 8Peter WilkinBob Erbe
GSP Club of Colorado2016-05-06 ALGD 2 14Alan DavisonLeonard Morales
Frontier GSP Club of Cheyenne2016-04-25 GOLGD 3 23Kevin JoyceHelmut Schoen
Ringneck GSP Club2016-03-25 AGD 2 10Gulledge RobbieKevin Stonehouse
Ringneck GSP Club2016-03-25 GOLGD 2 23Edward MyersKevin Stonehouse
Lone Star GSP Club2016-01-20 GOLGD 1 44Timothy HidalgoMike Martin
Frontier GSP Club of Cheyenne2015-04-20 GOLGD 2 21M AldrichMike Martin
Nebraska Vizsla Club2015-03-14 ALGD 2 12Randy RathmanHeath Kooima
Nebraska Vizsla Club2015-03-14 OLGD 4 22Randy RathmanHeath Kooima
Colorado Pointer Club2014-09-19 OGD 1 19Sabrina CorlissChristopher Bryant
Lansing GSP Club2014-05-02 AGD 3 8John PotterMarc McKinley
GSP Club of Ohio2014-04-25 OGD 2 22Robert K ReynoldsClifford Mesnard II
GWP Club of Northern California2013-11-15 OP 1 15Frank FernandezGayle Moynier
GWP Club of Northern California2013-11-15 OGD 1 16John WilliamsBryan Hogan
California Brittany Club2013-10-25 OD 1 8Roger BorineWayne Hale


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