FC AFC Ozzy Pawsborne Von Chehalem Mountain

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FC AFC Ozzy Pawsborne Von Chehalem Mountain

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SR77568506
Owner(s) J Walter


GWP Club of Central Oregon2019-04-27 ALGD 4 18Karen NiffeneggerMatthew Solt
GSP Club of Washington2019-04-12 AGD 4 14George LutzLeslie Green
Seattle-Tacoma GWP Club2019-03-23 ALGD 1 8Wayne YamashitaRay Calkins
East Seattle Pointer Club2019-03-08 OLGD 4 20Carolyn GriffithJeff Calkins
East Seattle Pointing Dog Club2018-08-17 OLGD 3 14Jacqueline DerooHeinz Ahlman
Willamette Weimaraner Club2018-08-04 AGD 1 9Jim HouseAlen Braswell
Willamette Weimaraner Club2018-08-04 ALGD 1 17Dean GooddingAlen Braswell
Willamette Weimaraner Club2018-08-04 OGD 1 6Arwen DabbMr. E Woodward
Willamette Weimaraner Club2018-08-04 OLGD 2 14Mr. E WoodwardS Cosgriff
GSP Club of Oregon2018-07-28 AGD 3 7Peter Von OhlenS Cosgriff
GSP Club of Oregon2018-07-28 ALGD 2 8Peter Von OhlenS Cosgriff
GSP Club of Oregon2018-07-28 OGD 1 8Jim HouseLeslie Like
Willamette Weimaraner Club2018-07-07 AGD 1 6Angela SchillereffPeter Von Ohlen
Willamette Weimaraner Club2018-07-07 ALGD 2 13Angela SchillereffPeter Von Ohlen
Willamette Weimaraner Club2018-07-07 OGD 2 6Thomas QuesnellC M Strom
Willamette Weimaraner Club2018-07-07 OLGD 1 5Thomas QuesnellC M Strom
Willamette Weimaraner Club2018-06-23 ALGD 1 14Thomas QuesnellDennis Leis
Willamette Weimaraner Club2018-06-23 OLGD 1 14J EmersonS Cosgriff
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2018-06-16 ALGD 1 13Wayne YamashitaRay Calkins
Oregon Brittany Club2018-06-09 OLGD 1 9Angela SchillereffJoe Waitman
Oregon GWP Club2018-06-02 ALGD 1 13Richard SpaccarelliBryan Keith Adams
GSP Club of Washington2018-04-13 ALGD 4 23Angela SchillereffE W Eizman
Seattle-Tacoma GWP Club2018-03-24 OLGD 2 11Laura MylesBryan Keith Adams
GSP Club of Oregon2017-09-02 ALGD 4 10Wayne YamashitaBryan Hogan
GSP Club of Oregon2017-07-22 OLGD 3 11Carolyn GriffithBryan Keith Adams
Willamette Weimaraner Club2017-07-08 OLGD 1 13Angela SchillereffBryan Keith Adams
Willamette Weimaraner Club2017-06-24 OLGD 2 8Esteri HinmanBryan Keith Adams
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2017-06-17 OGD 1 4Richard SpaccarelliCarolyn Griffith
Oregon Brittany Club2017-06-10 OLGD 2 9Mark ShearmanAlen Braswell
Oregon GWP Club2017-06-03 OGD 1 13Carolyn GriffithJeff Calkins
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2017-05-05 OGD 4 28Jim HouseJon Bole
Seattle-Tacoma GWP Club2017-03-25 OGD 2 14Laura MylesJanet Grunbok
East Seattle Pointer Club2017-03-10 OGD 4 20Todd SchaafCarolyn Griffith
GWP Club of Central Oregon2016-09-17 OGD 4 25Paul HusemannRay Calkins
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2016-09-10 OGD 3 20Jim HouseLeslie Like
East Seattle Pointing Dog Club2016-08-19 OGD 4 13Angela SchillereffMichael Palmer
Willamette Weimaraner Club2016-07-09 OLGD 2 10Aaron FausettBryan Keith Adams
Willamette Weimaraner Club2016-06-25 AGD 2 22Carolyn GriffithSusan Russell-Matsumoto
Oregon Brittany Club2016-06-11 OGD 4 19Richard SpaccarelliBryan Keith Adams
GSP Club of Oregon2016-05-28 OLGD 4 10Chris TewesAlen Braswell
Trails End Vizsla Club of Oregon2016-05-14 OGD 4 14Leslie LikeCarolyn Griffith
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2016-05-06 OGD 2 21Ray CalkinsJim House
GSP Club of Washington2016-04-15 AGD 1 20George LutzJanet Grunbok
Seattle-Tacoma GWP Club2016-03-26 AGD 2 18Tina LaceyJanet Grunbok
GWP Club of Central Oregon2015-09-19 OGD 4 24Todd SchaafJohn Williams
Northern California Brittany Club2015-03-27 AWD 1 8Alen BraswellBryan Keith Adams
East Seattle Pointer Club2015-03-14 OD 1 7Angela SchillereffRoger Borine
Willamette Weimaraner Club2014-07-26 AWD 3 14Wayne YamashitaJim House
Willamette Weimaraner Club2014-07-26 OD 3 12Chris TewesRay Calkins
GSP Club of Oregon2014-05-31 OD 3 8Peter Von OhlenCarolyn Griffith