Jaks Mighty Mick

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Jaks Mighty Mick

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SR29083205
Owner(s) C Mesnard/J MESNARD


Ringneck GSP Club2014-09-08 GOLAA 4 22Jack SanchezFred Smith
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2014-04-11 OAA 1 28Tom OswaldDennis Hazel
GSP Club of Ohio2011-09-09 OAA 1 7Denny KeetonJoe Orndorff
GSP Club of Ohio2010-09-21 OLGD 4 12Denny KeetonChris Streitenberger
GSP Club of Michigan2008-05-10 OAA 1 16Jerry AlbaneseWilliam Mengert
GSP Club of Ohio2007-04-13 OD 2 11Jim ReardonDennis Mcclary
GSP Club of Ohio2006-04-15 OP 1 17Linda KeetonDenny Keeton