Willowynds Nitrous Nellie

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Willowynds Nitrous Nellie

Breed Vizsla
AKC Number SR30969407
Owner(s) K Kuivenhoven/S Kuivenhoven


Irish Setter Club of the Pacific - S.F.2007-11-10 OD 3 16Harry BeckRonald Marquart
GSP Club of Reno2007-10-27 AWD 4 12Charles LundyKarl Martin
GSP Club of Reno2007-10-27 OD 4 14Raymond NelsonKarl Martin
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2007-03-31 OD 2 20Bill TannerLeif Lendrop
Golden Gate Gordon Setter Club2007-01-13 OP 3 10Jeff DavisJack Cooper
Irish Setter Club of the Pacific - S.F.2006-11-11 OP 2 11Harry BeckKarla Weber
Golden Gate Gordon Setter Club2006-11-04 OP 3 9Jeff DavisLynda Swart
Northern California Brittany Club2006-09-23 OP 4 9Charles LundyBill Landress