Breton's Heart O'Gold

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Breton's Heart O'Gold

Breed Brittany
AKC Number SR31299001
Owner(s) J Bevier


Oregon Brittany Club2008-08-30 OAA 2 16Kelley HansenDaniel Green
Oregon Brittany Club2008-04-05 AAA 4 13Kelley HansenGeorge Prummer
Idaho Brittany Club2007-04-28 OD 1 14Clem LittleMarilynne Little
Oregon Brittany Club2007-04-07 OD 3 13Lawrence SanduskyHeinz Ahlman
San Diego Brittany Club, Inc.2007-01-27 OD 2 25Karen NelsenEdward Dixon
Vizsla Club of Southern California2007-01-11 OP 1 16Kita MorrisLou Tonelli
GSP Club of Oregon2006-08-26 OP 1 4Melissa NewmanJim House