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Breed Brittany
AKC Number SR31784205
Owner(s) M Blondin


Southern New England Brittany Club2016-03-26 OLGD 2 19Richard FrawleyAndrew Campbell
Central Maine Brittany Club2015-09-12 OGD 3 21Leslie HuntMichelle Sala
Northern New England Brittany Club2015-05-16 OLGD 3 7Leslie HuntKeith Madden
Georgia Brittany Club2015-01-22 OGD 3 24B CollerJosh Holden
Pennsylvania Brittany Club2014-10-18 OGD 2 23John PolandEd Manifold
Southern New England Brittany Club2014-10-10 AGD 1 13Richard FrawleyThomas George
Central New England Brittany Club2014-09-20 AGD 1 19Patricia CarneyLoyd Carney
Central New England Brittany Club2014-09-20 ALGD 2 13Dick AchinBrian Riggle
Central Maine Brittany Club2014-05-24 AGD 1 13Audra JaconettiMichelle Sala
Northern New England Brittany Club2014-05-17 AGD 4 12Tom MercierMichelle Sala
Central New England Brittany Club2014-04-12 AGD 1 21Mitchell SwierczynskiTed Swierczynski
Central New England Brittany Club2012-09-15 OGD 1 26Tom MercierRobert Fasullo
Hudson Valley Brittany Club2012-09-01 ALGD 1 18Bruce ConoverBrian Riggle
Northern New England Brittany Club2012-05-19 AGD 1 12Michael ErnestDennis Harkcom
Northern New England Brittany Club2012-05-19 OLGD 1 6Allen WelchKimberly Eaton
Hudson Valley Brittany Club2012-05-05 ALGD 1 18Leslie CasselberryTony Smid
Central New England Brittany Club2012-04-14 AGD 3 22Dick AchinKeith Culver
Tidewater Brittany Club, Inc.2012-02-24 OGD 1 23Richard ChristopherLouis Palazzolo
Bama Brittany Club2012-02-01 AGD 4 19Linda LangfordBen Garcia
Bama Brittany Club2012-02-01 OGD 1 24Larry HilliardLisa Pollock
Central Maine Brittany Club2011-05-28 OGD 2 17Robert PaucekFrank Pride JR
Northern New England Brittany Club2011-05-21 AGD 2 13Tom MercierMichelle Sala
Eastern New England Brittany Club2011-05-14 AGD 1 15David MarshallDennis Harkcom
Eastern New England Brittany Club2011-05-14 OGD 1 21Martin GarrellMichael Ernest
Pennsylvania Brittany Club2011-05-06 AGD 3 34Bruce ConoverTommy N Thomas
Central New England Brittany Club2010-09-18 OGD 4 29Tom MercierKeith Madden
Central Maine Brittany Club2010-05-22 AGD 4 26Robert PaucekMichelle Sala
Eastern New England Brittany Club2010-05-08 OGD 1 27Tom MercierDennis Harkcom
Brittany Club of Upper New York2010-04-17 OGD 1 19James WinnenJulie Warshefski
Central New England Brittany Club2010-04-10 OGD 2 30Richard MurphySmitty Gayheart
Southern New England Brittany Club2010-03-27 OGD 2 30Richard MurphyMichael Ernest
American Brittany Club, Inc.2009-09-28 OGD 3 13Lloyd B Murray JRKeith Madden
Central New England Brittany Club2009-09-19 OLGD 4 29Bruce ConoverKeith Madden
Northern New England Brittany Club2009-05-16 ALGD 3 14Tom MercierAllen Welch
Eastern New England Brittany Club2009-05-09 OLGD 3 14Walter CruzVirginia Pratt
Brittany Club of Upper New York2009-04-18 AAA 2 14John McMurrayJames J Wilkinson
Central New England Brittany Club2009-04-11 OGD 2 16Ray GormanPatricia Carney
Southern New England Brittany Club2009-03-28 AGD 1 18John PerryJoanne Perry
Eastern New England Brittany Club2008-05-10 AGD 1 28Lynda ZartarianDennis Harkcom
Northern New England Brittany Club2007-05-19 AWD 4 7Michael ErnestAllen Welch
Central New England Brittany Club2007-04-14 AWD 4 5Lynda ZartarianVirginia Pratt