Copley's Warrior Princess Of Camelot

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Copley's Warrior Princess Of Camelot

Breed Brittany
AKC Number SR83659002
Owner(s) J Conklin/R Tomasi


Greater Phoenix Brittany Club2017-01-10 OGD 2 14James GagnonDennis Brown
Wasatch Front Brittany Club2016-09-30 OGD 4 25James GagnonDennis Brown
Whid Isle Brittany Club2016-09-10 OGD 4 28Laura MylesJim Hammett
Oregon Brittany Club2016-03-29 AWD 4 13Larry McConnellJASON STALEY
Northern California Brittany Club2016-03-25 AWD 1 13Willie Stevens JRAlan Brann
California Brittany Club2016-01-29 OD 1 8Casten PigmanBrandon Blum
Greater Phoenix Brittany Club2016-01-12 OD 2 5Norman AhlJoey Rogers
Idaho Brittany Club2015-09-26 OP 2 11Joe WaitmanDaniel Warren Campbell
Idaho Brittany Club2015-04-24 OP 3 7Patti Van De CoeveringDavid Kirk
Washington Brittany Club, Inc.2015-04-17 OP 4 4Chris SennottAllen Norman
Inland Empire Brittany Club2015-04-14 OP 3 5Steve BallRick Axtell
Inland Empire Brittany Club2015-04-14 OD 4 8Steve BallJim Hammett
Northern California Brittany Club2015-03-27 OP 3 10Jim HouseLeslie Like