Orlando's Oswald Von Greif

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Orlando's Oswald Von Greif

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SR83668601
Owner(s) W Orlando


Hudson Valley GSP Club2019-06-07 ALGD 1 18Andrew CampbellTracy Faber
Hudson Valley GSP Club2019-06-07 OAA 1 8Katrin TazzaRuss Bigus
Lansing GSP Club2018-05-04 OAA 3 14Marc McKinleyJim Yates
Lansing GSP Club2017-10-14 OAA 1 4Marc McKinleyJim Yates
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2017-04-07 OAA 3 16Greg RitchingsJohn Perry
Western Michigan Brittany Club2017-03-31 OAA 1 17Chris SennottBlake Rizzo
Hudson Valley GSP Club2016-04-29 OD 1 8Jeffrey CurrierLisa Pollock
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2016-04-09 OD 3 7Greg RitchingsT L Baer
Nutmeg GSP Club2015-11-06 OD 2 11Howard DuffyStacy Goodle
Brittany Club of Upper New York2015-09-05 AWD 2 5Helen Rogers-RiggleBrian Riggle
Brittany Club of Upper New York2015-09-05 OD 2 8Thomas GeorgeLisa Pollock
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2015-04-09 OP 1 8Howard ShultzRobert Errigo