Habanero's Lady Bird Of Hickory

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Habanero's Lady Bird Of Hickory

Breed German Wirehaired Pointer
AKC Number SR32310513
Owner(s) M Ligon/J Fusaro


Vizsla Club of Northern New Jersey2007-11-17 OD 4 10James D'AmicoKitty Pullen
Anthracite Brittany Club2007-11-10 OD 2 9George HabeckerJeffrey Currier
Pointer Associates of New England2007-11-03 OD 2 6Tony SmidDave O'Brien
Weimaraner Club of Greater Cleveland2007-10-04 AWD 2 4Jim CipponeriDuane Yoder
Diamond State GSP Association2007-04-13 OD 3 7Wayne ScubelekTom Zinnie