FC Waybac's Ahwawego

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FC Waybac's Ahwawego

AKC Number SR32661905
Breed Weimaraner
Owner(s) B Cowgill/W Cowgill
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Weimaraner Club of America2010-12-04 NFC 4 27Eldon HongoTerry Zygalinski
Southern Michigan Weimaraner Club2010-04-16 OGD 1 14Barry PetersonSusan DeGraw
Weimaraner Club of America2010-03-30 OGD 4 18Howard ShultzRon Altman
Weimaraner Club of America2010-02-17 OAA 3 9Wayne DownDavid Gould
Southland Weimaraner Club2010-02-05 OLGD 1 16Myron MeifertDebra Meifert
Wisconsin Weimaraner Club2009-05-09 OGD 1 7Micheal DalbyMichael Poehler
Northstar Weimaraner Club2009-05-07 OGD 2 9Carl OlsonJim Couris
Weimaraner Club of America2009-02-26 OGD 3 23Ellis HerzGreg Knight
Weimaraner Club of America2009-02-26 OAA 3 11Ellis HerzGreg Knight
Weimaraner Club of America2008-12-06 NFC 4 30James BakerBill Landress
Trinity Valley Weimaraner Club2008-11-21 OGD 1 5David DowningFrank Long
Weimaraner Club of America2007-10-16 OD 2 16Jack BrownDenny Keeton
Southern Michigan Weimaraner Club2007-10-06 OD 2 11Ed TuckerWayne Adams
Weimaraner Club of Greater Cleveland2007-10-04 OD 4 14Ed HartSheila Hart
GSP Club of Michigan2007-09-08 OD 4 11John PotterJohn Schoonover
Northstar Weimaraner Club2007-05-10 AWD 1 6Rob TomczakCarl Olson
Long Island Weimaraner Club2007-04-22 OD 1 9Gus AllimonosJerold Swartz
Garden State Weimaraner Club2007-04-20 OD 1 6Wayne ScubelekJerold Swartz
Weimaraner Club of Greater Cleveland2007-04-12 AWD 2 7John PotterSusan DeGraw
San Francisco Bay Weimaraner Club2007-02-10 OP 1 8Roy HoglundCydney Hansen
Southland Weimaraner Club2007-02-03 OP 3 9Russ SettellPhilip Letzo
Weimaraner Club of Greater Louisville2006-11-03 OP 4 4Arthur TerstageBill Monk
Southern Michigan Weimaraner Club2006-10-07 OP 2 11Ed TuckerCheryl Orange
Weimaraner Club of Greater Cleveland2006-09-29 AWP 3 5Joe HaubachSusan Borocz
Weimaraner Club of Greater Cleveland2006-09-29 OP 3 7Susan BoroczTim Smelcer
Weimaraner Club of America2006-09-23 OP 4 7Arthur Roos SRJerold Swartz


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