DC AFC Honey Run's Cowboy Poet

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DC AFC Honey Run's Cowboy Poet

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SR63108701
Owner(s) K Neal/A DeLude


Wisconsin Weimaraner Club2018-05-12 OLGD 4 19Edward BrockChris Sennott
Iowa Brittany Club2018-03-18 AGD 2 14Dano MorfKen Windom
GSP Club of Central Iowa2018-03-17 AGD 3 18John HouckRandy Caldwell
Vizsla Club of Eastern Iowa2017-10-15 AGD 1 14Chuck BurginRandy Caldwell
GSP Club of Central Iowa2017-10-14 AGD 2 18Dano MorfAndrew Weyer
Northstar Weimaraner Club2017-05-10 OLGD 4 19Jim CourisAndrew Weyer
GWP Club of Wisconsin2017-04-28 ALGD 1 14Susan DeGrawWilliam Bastian
GWP Club of Wisconsin2017-04-28 OLGD 1 17Susan DeGrawDaniel De Graw
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2017-04-15 OLGD 2 4Tom JagielskiJames Brigham
Central Wisconsin Vizsla Club2017-04-14 OLGD 1 15Christopher MeyerEdward Brock
Kentuckiana Pointing Breeds Association2017-03-11 ALGD 1 6Brian RiggleWilliam Bastian
Irish Setter Club of Milwaukee, Inc.2016-10-15 OGD 4 13Jim CourisMark Johnson
Western Irish Setter Club2016-09-10 AGD 1 9Mark SpurgeonWilliam Bastian
Western Irish Setter Club2016-09-10 OLGD 2 12Joe PorwollPaul Howard
Central Wisconsin Vizsla Club2016-06-03 OGD 1 16Richard HellerRodney Albin
Wisconsin Weimaraner Club2016-05-07 OLGD 3 21Bill StapletonT L Baer
Irish Setter Club of America, Inc.2016-04-30 OGD 1 13Ed JanulisDonna Janulis
GWP Club of Wisconsin2016-04-22 OGD 3 21Bill StapletonJeffrey Stanton
GWP Club of Wisconsin2016-04-22 OLGD 3 17Timothy ZickMark Spurgeon
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2016-04-09 AGD 1 12Jim CourisJEREMY WEBER
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2016-04-09 OGD 1 13Jim CourisTimothy W Cummings
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2016-04-09 OLGD 3 9Timothy W CummingsCarly Thompson-Martin
Weimaraner Club of Northern Illinois2016-03-19 ALGD 2 6Sharon FitzpatrickTimothy W Cummings
Weimaraner Club of Northern Illinois2016-03-19 OLGD 2 6John WalshTimothy W Cummings
Gateway GSP Club2016-02-06 OLGD 1 6Kim AmendHolly Hatfield
Gateway GSP Club2016-02-06 ALGD 3 4Richard J MillerRick Hopkins
Michigan Brittany Club2015-11-07 AGD 3 19JP JonesLeRoy Long
Michigan Brittany Club2015-11-07 OGD 4 19Will LangleyJP Jones
Michigan Brittany Club2015-11-07 OLGD 4 15Susan DeGrawWill Langley
Four Lakes GSP Club2015-09-26 AGD 4 11Greg DixonE Dixon
Four Lakes GSP Club2015-09-26 OGD 4 20Todd MannsPatrick Vande Hei
Four Lakes GSP Club2015-09-26 OLGD 2 18Todd MannsMike Kindler
Vizsla Club of Greater Milwaukee2015-09-19 ALGD 2 15Bob GeddeisTimothy Zick
Vizsla Club of Greater Milwaukee2015-09-19 OGD 3 14Rob TomczakBob Geddeis
Fort Dearborn GSP Club2015-09-05 ALGD 3 4Ed JanulisDonna Janulis
Fort Dearborn GSP Club2015-09-05 OLGD 1 6Ed JanulisDonna Janulis
Badger Brittany Club2015-06-06 OGD 3 18Sam ThompsonDave Carlson
Vizsla Club of Michigan, Inc.2015-05-24 AGD 1 18David HeinoldWill Langley
Fort Detroit GWP Club2015-05-23 OGD 3 16Susan DaumDaniel De Graw
Wisconsin Weimaraner Club2015-05-09 AGD 1 13Vern GrimslidAndrew Weyer
Irish Setter Club of America, Inc.2015-05-02 AGD 3 14Sam ThompsonBill Elliott