FC AFC Miss Liberty II

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FC AFC Miss Liberty II

AKC Number SR79059807
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) M McFarland
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Inland Empire GSP Club2018-04-07 ALGD 4 16Ray CalkinsJoseph Proulx
East Seattle Pointer Club2018-03-09 OLGD 3 14Wayne YamashitaE W Eizman
Southern Arizona GSP Club2018-01-25 ALGD 2 13Diane VaterChuck Cooper
Southern Arizona GSP Club2018-01-25 OAA 3 9Dave GarrettTodd Yamamoto
Southern Arizona GSP Club2018-01-25 GOLGD 4 13Michael McGahGreg Sand
High Sierra GSP Club2017-11-11 OAA 3 6Steve CosgraveLeif Lendrop
Inland Empire GSP Club2017-09-23 ALGD 1 14Dave GarrettMichael Palmer
Inland Empire GSP Club2017-09-23 OAA 4 8George LutzArwen Dabb
GWP Club of Central Oregon2017-09-16 AAA 2 8Calvin PalmerRay Calkins
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2017-09-09 GOLGD 4 13Joe GowerBryan Keith Adams
GSP Club of Oregon2017-09-02 OAA 1 10Brian HillJim House
GSP Club of Oregon2017-09-02 ALGD 1 10Wayne YamashitaBryan Hogan
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2017-05-05 AAA 1 13Mark ShearmanJeff Calkins
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2017-05-05 ALGD 1 19Richard SpaccarelliJohn Williams
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2017-05-05 OAA 1 13Ray CalkinsJoe Waitman
GWP Club of Central Oregon2017-04-29 AAA 2 13Heinz AhlmanMatthew Solt
GSP Club of Idaho2017-04-14 AGD 4 15Jon YoungMatthew Solt
GSP Club of Idaho2017-04-14 OGD 1 17Jeb ChristensenBrandon Blum
Oregon Brittany Club2017-03-29 AAA 4 14Mark ShearmanRick Axtell
Oregon Brittany Club2017-03-29 OAA 4 18Mark ShearmanJoe Waitman
Oregon Brittany Club2017-03-29 OLGD 4 14Tom WhiteJohn Henderson
East Seattle Pointer Club2017-03-10 OLGD 3 19Karen NiffeneggerJ Emerson
Monterey Bay English Setter Club2016-10-08 OLGD 3 19Shane PinkardJim Murphy
Inland Empire GSP Club2016-09-24 AAA 2 8Kita MorrisRay Calkins
GWP Club of Central Oregon2016-09-17 AAA 3 12Calvin PalmerKathleen Boyd
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2016-06-18 ALGD 4 10Karen NiffeneggerRay Calkins
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2016-05-06 ALGD 4 23Lawrence SanduskyJoseph Proulx
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2016-05-06 AAA 1 17Meg EdenJoe Waitman
GSP Club of Oregon2016-04-29 AAA 2 9George LutzCarolyn Griffith
GSP Club of Oregon2016-04-29 ALGD 3 22Carolyn GriffithJames Cochran
Seattle-Tacoma GWP Club2016-03-26 OGD 1 23Meg EdenRay Calkins
GWP Club of Central Oregon2015-09-19 AGD 1 15Meg EdenBryan Keith Adams
GWP Club of Central Oregon2015-09-19 AAA 1 13Carolyn GriffithJeff Calkins
GWP Club of Central Oregon2015-09-19 OGD 3 24Todd SchaafJohn Williams
East Seattle Pointing Dog Club2015-08-14 AGD 2 20Heinz AhlmanE W Eizman
Willamette Weimaraner Club2015-06-27 OGD 3 10Carolyn GriffithAlen Braswell
Oregon Brittany Club2015-05-09 AWD 1 9Patti Van De CoeveringJim Hammett
Oregon Brittany Club2015-05-09 OD 1 10Meg EdenJohn Cross
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2015-05-02 AGD 1 22George LutzJohn Williams


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