Ajax White Ice

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Ajax White Ice

Breed Brittany
AKC Number SR83496605
Owner(s) J Marinelli


Irish Setter Club of Michigan2016-05-07 AWD 2 8Cassie AllenKevin Culver
Southern Michigan Weimaraner Club2016-04-15 OD 3 12Duane YoderShane Baxter
Michigan Brittany Club2016-04-08 OD 2 5Wade HainesMichael Mikoff JR
Michigan Brittany Club2015-11-07 AWD 2 12Jim CipponeriCharles Langstaff
Michigan Brittany Club2015-11-07 OD 4 11Will LangleyMichael Poehler
Irish Setter Club of Michigan2015-10-03 AWP 1 4Susan BoroczShane Baxter
Michigan Saginaw Valley Brittany Club2015-09-12 OP 4 13Ron AutenMichael Czach
Western Michigan Brittany Club2015-08-29 OD 4 13Michael CzachRebecca R Walters
Vizsla Club of Michigan, Inc.2015-05-24 OP 2 8Andrea SpiegelAdam DeLude
Fort Detroit GWP Club2015-05-23 OP 3 8Mike BraddockWill Langley
Irish Setter Club of Michigan2015-05-02 OP 4 7Kevin CulverDaniel De Graw