Neises Ace-Alli Ramblin Rosco

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Neises Ace-Alli Ramblin Rosco

AKC Number SR33695501
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) C Neises/R Neises
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Sunflower GSP Club2009-02-14 OGD 4 18Terry GowinJohn Tiller
Sunflower GSP Club2008-02-23 OD 4 9Roger DuncanTom Pollan
Sunflower GSP Club2007-10-12 AWD 1 9Roy OeserGregg Lamar
Heart of America GSP Club2007-03-30 AWP 3 5Mike MartinJames Burch
Sunflower GSP Club2007-03-23 AWP 4 8Lawrence HowlandJay Schroeder
Sunflower GSP Club2007-03-23 AWD 2 10Greg SandLawrence Howland
Ozark GSP Club2007-03-16 AWP 2 5Peter WilkinG F Henry
Ozark GSP Club2007-03-16 OP 3 5Mike WoodyKen Chenoweth
Sunflower GSP Club2007-02-24 AWP 1 4Brad DudgeonTom Pollan
Sunflower GSP Club2007-02-24 OP 4 4Brad DudgeonTom Pollan
Sunflower GSP Club2006-10-13 AWP 2 6Roy OeserGregg Lamar
Sunflower GSP Club2006-10-13 OP 3 6Taylor SmithBrad Dudgeon
Sunflower GSP Club2006-10-13 AWD 3 6Roy OeserRobert Koser


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