Flamin' Maymee Bright Star

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Flamin' Maymee Bright Star

Breed Irish Setter
AKC Number SR33756205
Owner(s) W Czarnecki/M Czarnecki


Irish Setter Club of Central California2008-02-16 AWD 2 12Harry BeckWillie Stevens JR
Irish Setter Club of Central California2007-11-17 AWD 2 9Jeff DavisTerry Barnes
Gordon Setter Club of America, Inc.2007-09-29 OD 3 8Leslie GreenBrian Lybeck
Irish Setter Club of Central California2007-04-16 OP 1 14Dave WickensSandy Miller
Monterey Bay English Setter Club2007-03-24 OP 2 6Harry BeckAnne Boyd
Golden Gate Gordon Setter Club2007-02-24 OP 4 9Genaro VargasLynda Swart
Golden Gate Gordon Setter Club2007-01-13 AWP 3 6Jeff DavisRoss Nott