Brandy's Spanish Captain

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Brandy's Spanish Captain

Breed Brittany
AKC Number SR87004001
Owner(s) J Murphy


Northern California Brittany Club2019-08-17 ALGD 1 10Randall BerryJames Simmons
GSP Club of Reno2018-11-03 OLGD 2 5Willie Stevens JRDavid Nelson
GSP Club of Reno2018-06-02 OGD 3 10David NelsonMike Menasco
GSP Club of Reno2018-06-02 OLGD 2 6Sarah ChvilicekDerrick Mullin
Northern California Brittany Club2018-03-03 ALGD 2 14Shane PinkardBryan Keith Adams
Northern California Brittany Club2018-03-03 OGD 3 13Lynda SwartAlan Brann
GSP Club of Reno2017-11-04 AGD 1 8Steven ArtisShane Pinkard
GSP Club of Reno2017-11-04 OLGD 1 7Shane PinkardDavid Nelson
Monterey Bay English Setter Club2017-10-07 AGD 2 7Raymond NelsonCindy Smullen
Monterey Bay English Setter Club2017-10-07 ALGD 2 5Raymond NelsonTom Griffin
California Brittany Club2017-01-28 AWD 1 12Willie Stevens JRRaul Pineda
GSP Club of Reno2016-06-04 OD 1 8Christine ZinkPierre Urrutia
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2016-04-08 AWP 1 14James SimmonsDominic Pettinato
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2016-04-08 OP 3 12Ted FosterSarah Chvilicek
Northern California Brittany Club2016-03-25 AWP 3 6James SimmonsPierre Urrutia
Northern California Brittany Club2016-03-25 OP 2 6Pierre UrrutiaJoe Gower
GSP Club of California2015-12-05 AWP 1 10Willie Stevens JRDerrick Mullin
GSP Club of California2015-12-05 OP 2 10Willie Stevens JRAaron Fausett
GSP Club of Reno2015-10-31 AWP 2 4Cindy SmullenSarah Chvilicek