Union County Ranger

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Union County Ranger

Breed Brittany
AKC Number SR87511507
Owner(s) C Piearson


GSP Club of Central Iowa2017-04-14 AWD 4 17Chuck PariettiCynthia Findley
GSP Club of Central Iowa2017-04-14 OD 4 25Wayland RussellBrent Hoehns
Iowa Brittany Club2017-03-19 OD 4 10Dano MorfKendall Brown
GSP Club of Central Iowa2017-03-18 OD 3 10Randy CaldwellB Steinmetz
Heart of America GSP Club2017-02-25 AWD 2 8Jeffrey WallaceRichard Coleman
GSP Club of Central Iowa2016-10-22 OD 3 10Jeffrey WallaceRandy Caldwell
GSP Club of Central Iowa2016-04-15 AWP 2 16Randy CaldwellBrent Hoehns
Iowa Brittany Club2016-03-13 OP 1 7Kendall BrownKelly Donham
GSP Club of Central Iowa2015-11-06 AWP 2 6Rhonda HaukoosAndrew Weyer