Wildfire's Abby

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Wildfire's Abby

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SR88800301
Owner(s) M Oberst/d oberst


Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2019-10-12 OLGD 2 4Susan JanuschkaRebecca R Walters
Irish Setter Club of America, Inc.2019-05-04 OGD 2 14Larry BradleyJoe Porwoll
Four Lakes GSP Club2019-04-26 AGD 4 8Richard BarberJ Heule
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2018-05-19 AGD 1 9Susan JanuschkaHarold Heather
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2017-04-15 AWD 3 8Tom JagielskiJames Brigham
Irish Setter Club of Milwaukee, Inc.2017-04-08 OD 1 7Tony OrdonezMark Johnson
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2016-10-08 AWD 1 10Rodger FioritoPaul Kuipers
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2016-10-08 OD 1 10Susan JanuschkaB Steinmetz
Central Wisconsin Vizsla Club2016-09-09 OP 2 6Donna JanulisBruce Mueller
Central Wisconsin Vizsla Club2016-09-09 OD 2 8Ed JanulisDonna Janulis
Central Wisconsin Vizsla Club2016-06-03 OD 4 6Edward BrockRichard Heller
Irish Setter Club of America, Inc.2016-04-30 OP 3 5Paul HowardCraig Donze
GWP Club of Wisconsin2016-04-22 OP 3 6Greg DixonLiz Dixon-Barret
GWP Club of Wisconsin2016-04-22 AWP 3 10Greg DixonLiz Dixon-Barret
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2016-04-09 OP 4 13Jeffrey StantonJEREMY WEBER
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2016-04-09 AWD 3 9Timothy W CummingsJeffrey Stanton
Weimaraner Club of Northern Illinois2016-03-19 OP 4 8Teresa RichmondTimothy W Cummings