FC AFC Fieldmaster's Montauk Zephyr

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FC AFC Fieldmaster's Montauk Zephyr

AKC Number SR34837011
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) J Lucey
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Call Name    Natasha   (see home page)
Sire     CH Virginia's Upland Gentleman (offspring only)
Dam     Saddle Up Hustler Von Boomer (offspring only)


GSP Club of Central Virginia2015-03-20 ALGD 1 7Mary AllenRay Rinker
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2012-03-09 OLGD 2 19William BrucheyDennis Hazel
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2011-09-30 AGD 3 17Tom McKellarW A Orlando
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2011-09-30 OGD 1 25Jack FlynnTom McKellar
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2011-09-30 OLGD 2 18Joe LuisiHoward Shultz
Hudson Valley GSP Club2011-06-03 OGD 4 22Steven AnkerJeffrey Currier
Four Lakes GSP Club2011-05-18 ALGD 3 16Guy RezzardiLori Rezzardi
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2010-12-04 ALGD 2 15Michael ErnestHoward Duffy
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2010-12-04 OGD 3 16Robert SamerMichelle Sala
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2010-12-04 OLGD 2 12Tony SmidDebra Freidus
Nutmeg GSP Club2010-11-12 AGD 1 20Mike MullineauxHoward Duffy
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2010-10-01 OLGD 2 22Gus AllimonosWilliam Bruchey
Hudson Valley GSP Club2010-09-24 AGD 1 20Darlene DowRaymond Gubernat
Hudson Valley GSP Club2010-09-24 ALGD 2 13Darlene DowJohn Malone
Garden State Weimaraner Club2010-09-18 OGD 3 11Wayne ScubelekGreg Ritchings
Hudson Valley GSP Club2010-06-04 AGD 3 11Steven AnkerRichard Garini
Hudson Valley GSP Club2010-06-04 ALGD 2 13Joe AmatulliDebra Freidus
Hudson Valley GSP Club2010-06-04 OLGD 2 15Mark CalderRobert Vaulding
Pointer Associates of New England2010-05-21 AGD 3 13Steven AnkerRichard Garini
Nutmeg GSP Club2010-04-02 ALGD 2 19Richard MurphyRobert Vaulding
Southern New England Brittany Club2010-03-27 OLGD 3 16Darlene DowMichelle Sala
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2010-03-12 OGD 3 14Paul PollockLisa Pollock
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2009-12-05 OGD 2 19Darlene DowKen Kohles
Four Lakes GSP Club2009-05-13 OGD 1 35Mark ProvostThomas Davis
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2009-04-17 OGD 3 19Charles RoseMichelle Sala
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2009-04-17 OLGD 2 11Tom MercierMichael Ernest
Diamond State GSP Association2009-04-10 AGD 3 14Catherine KuhnsJulia Bonar
Nutmeg GSP Club2009-04-03 OLGD 3 18Walter CruzRobert Vaulding
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2009-03-13 ALGD 3 12Frank BoccanfusoHelmut Schoen
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2009-03-13 OGD 4 15Frank BoccanfusoJames D'Amico
Gateway GSP Club2009-03-06 AGD 2 18Richard HellerPatrick Vande Hei
Gateway GSP Club2009-03-06 OGD 2 18Timothy ZickPatrick Vande Hei
Pointer Associates of New England2007-04-27 AWP 4 10Calvin WelchKeith Culver
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2007-04-20 OP 4 5Debra FreidusRobert Vaulding
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2007-02-24 AWP 4 9Ray McCarthyCharles Kissinger


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