Sundance Kid's Renegade Marshall

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Sundance Kid's Renegade Marshall

Breed Brittany
AKC Number SR89745204
Owner(s) J Cullor


Michigan Saginaw Valley Brittany Club2017-09-16 OD 2 4Larry BatesMichael Poehler
GSP Club of Santa Clara Valley2017-02-02 OD 2 4Nicole HanzelGayle Moynier
High Sierra GSP Club2016-11-12 OP 3 10Raymond NelsonBryan Hogan
GSP Club of Reno2016-11-05 AWP 3 10David NelsonDerrick Mullin
GSP Club of Reno2016-11-05 OP 3 11Lynda SwartDavid Nelson
Northern California Brittany Club2016-08-20 AWP 3 10Sarah ChvilicekRoy Smith
Northern California Brittany Club2016-08-20 OP 1 11Karen HolmesJim Murphy
GSP Club of Reno2016-05-06 OP 3 5Connie SmithRoy Smith