FC Wynfields Windswept Jerz Devil

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FC Wynfields Windswept Jerz Devil

AKC Number SR35256808
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) G Nicholson/P Nicholson
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North Jersey Brittany Club, Inc.2017-03-28 AAA 2 8Bruce ConoverDouglas Welsh
North Jersey Brittany Club, Inc.2017-03-28 OAA 3 7Bruce ConoverBrent Rupnow
Mason-Dixon GSP Club2016-11-18 OAA 2 10Stephen BoyerGreg Ritchings
Nutmeg GSP Club2016-11-11 OAA 4 8Tom MercierAndrew Campbell
Brittany Club of Upper New York2016-09-03 OLGD 1 27Russ BigusSmitty Gayheart
GSP Club of North Carolina2015-12-04 ALGD 3 10Bruce ConoverDave Pomfret
Mayflower GSP Club2015-10-30 OAA 4 15Henry WierzbickiRobert Vaulding
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2015-04-24 AGD 4 22Dave PomfretKeith Culver
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2014-05-16 AGD 4 19Dick AchinFrank Cavalieri
Vizsla Club of Northern New Jersey2013-03-30 OLGD 4 20Mark CalderWilliam Koeber
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2013-03-08 OGD 1 14Robert ErrigoDayna Rusciano
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2012-12-01 OLGD 3 11Bill FelinsDennis Hazel
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2012-04-28 AGD 4 18James DemarcoRobert Vaulding
North Jersey Brittany Club, Inc.2012-04-04 AGD 1 14Edward KerrJoseph Sikorski
Vizsla Club of Northern New Jersey2012-03-31 AGD 2 16Mark CalderPaul Snyder
Old Dominion Vizsla Club2012-03-16 OGD 3 19Kenneth HuyserNancy Huyser
Mason-Dixon GSP Club2011-04-15 AGD 2 18Barbara FoehrkolbHoward Shultz
Old Dominion Vizsla Club2011-01-22 OGD 1 10Mark CalderBruce Conover
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2010-12-04 ALGD 1 15Michael ErnestHoward Duffy
Delaware Valley GWP Club2008-12-05 AGD 1 11Katrin TazzaEdward Kerr
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2008-02-23 AGD 3 17Jerry AlbaneseRobert Wall
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2007-10-05 OD 2 11Jeffrey DroginWilliam Bruchey
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2007-03-16 OP 1 7Ray BowmanTony Smid
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2007-03-16 OD 1 7Ray BowmanDebra Goodie
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2007-02-24 OP 1 8Jeffrey DroginTom Markee
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2007-02-24 OD 2 14Ernest Chisena IIIFrancis Sakiey


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