FC AFC Erbes Fire Skeeter

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FC AFC Erbes Fire Skeeter

AKC Number SR36011201
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) B Erbe
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GSP Club of Nebraska2015-09-17 ALGD 1 5Howard BurbachKevin Kuiper
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2015-05-01 ALGD 2 11Bruce BryantDarrin White
GSP Club of Colorado2015-04-10 ALGD 4 10Scott SkinnerMark Keegan
North Florida GSP Club2015-03-21 ALGD 1 7Foster BrawnStephanie Daugherty
North Florida GSP Club2015-03-21 OLGD 2 7Lisa DurhamDon Bonnice
GSP Club of South Georgia2014-12-05 OLGD 2 13Steve BurnamB Coller
Vizsla Club of Metro Atlanta2014-11-28 OLGD 2 27Will GarrettJohn Houghton
GSP Club of Middle Tennessee2014-11-21 ALGD 1 8David MedfordRick Hopkins
GSP Club of Middle Tennessee2014-11-21 OLGD 1 7Trish BurdinWill Garrett
GSP Club of Atlanta2014-11-13 ALGD 1 14Sara KingWill Garrett
Sunflower GSP Club2014-10-10 ALGD 1 15Jay SchroederThomas Wynn
GSP Club of Nebraska2014-09-18 AAA 2 14Robert HendersonStephen Hetmanek
GSP Club of Nebraska2014-09-18 ALGD 3 10Jim Douglass JRDarrin White
GSP Club of Nebraska2014-08-22 ALGD 1 8Jim Douglass JRBruce Bryant
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2014-04-25 ALGD 2 9Jim Douglass JRStephen Hetmanek
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2014-03-28 OLGD 1 16Pam StuartTrish Burdin
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2014-03-10 OLGD 1 17Jeffrey CravenB Coller
GSP Club of Middle Tennessee2014-02-20 ALGD 2 19Gary SadlerTrish Burdin
GSP Club of America2014-02-18 ALGD 1 8Mark SmithDaniel DiMambro
GSP Club of South Georgia2014-02-14 OLGD 2 17Richard BarberJohn Leavitt
GSP Club of Atlanta2014-01-09 ALGD 2 14Lori RezzardiPaula Gross
GSP Club of South Georgia2013-12-06 AGD 1 18Tom OswaldJohn Davis
GSP Club of South Georgia2013-12-06 OLGD 3 18Jessie RuelaJoe Ruela
Vizsla Club of Metro Atlanta2013-11-29 OLGD 1 20Earl FowlsJohn Houghton
GSP Club of Atlanta2013-11-14 AGD 1 15Earl FowlsMiguel Montalvo
GSP Club of Atlanta2013-11-14 ALGD 1 9Tim SmelcerB Coller
Nebraska Vizsla Club2013-09-28 ALGD 1 11Stephen HetmanekBruce Bryant
GSP Club of Nebraska2013-09-19 AAA 3 14Timothy HeinerJosh Nieman
GSP Club of Nebraska2013-09-19 ALGD 3 18Timothy HeinerE W Eizman
GSP Club of Nebraska2013-08-24 AGD 2 8James (JJJ) JuergensTimothy Thaden
GSP Club of Minnesota2013-05-24 AGD 3 9Arthur ArmbrustTodd Piechowski
Minnesota Brittany Club2013-05-17 AGD 2 13Steve RalphBecky Voss
GSP Club of Nebraska2013-05-09 AAA 2 15David BartlettMike Zimbelman
GSP Club of Colorado2013-05-03 AGD 2 19Mary HidalgoBruce Bryant
GSP Club of Colorado2013-05-03 ALGD 3 15Ben GarciaJosh Nieman
Mid Florida Brittany Club2013-02-23 ALGD 1 16Susan WallacePaul Daniel
North Florida GSP Club2013-02-09 ALGD 2 8Carl ChecklickKary Jorgensen
GSP Club of America2013-02-02 ALGD 2 8Richard BarberMike Mullineaux
Central Florida GSP Club2013-01-25 ALGD 1 8James A WestDon Bonnice
North Florida GSP Club2013-01-19 OGD 2 28Ken ChenowethBob Wilson
Central Florida GSP Club2013-01-17 ALGD 1 8Bob WilsonDavid Walker
GSP Club of Atlanta2013-01-10 ALGD 4 19James (JJJ) JuergensFred Lowry
Mid Florida Brittany Club2013-01-04 ALGD 2 13Paul DanielKary Jorgensen
Vizsla Club of Metro Atlanta2012-11-23 OLGD 4 20Tania CampbellTrish Burdin
GSP Club of Atlanta2012-11-15 ALGD 2 9Tim SmelcerFred Lowry
North Florida GSP Club2012-11-09 ALGD 1 8Don BonniceJay L Hallaron
North Florida GSP Club2012-03-20 ALGD 1 6Carl ChecklickSusan Wallace
GSP Club of Middle Tennessee2012-02-23 ALGD 2 12Jean PlummerTrish Burdin
GSP Club of America2012-02-04 ALGD 2 9Bryan LongNikolaus Scharpf
GSP Club of Atlanta2012-01-12 ALGD 3 11Tim SmelcerLaura Miller
GSP Club of Middle Tennessee2011-12-03 ALGD 1 11David KingSara King
Vizsla Club of Metro Atlanta2011-11-24 AGD 4 16Trish BurdinArthur Terstage
GSP Club of Atlanta2011-11-17 ALGD 2 13Tim SmelcerFred Lowry
North Florida GSP Club2011-11-11 ALGD 1 7Leonard HuttoJay L Hallaron
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2011-10-15 AGD 1 11Kevin KuiperRobbie Roy Myers
Ringneck GSP Club2011-10-13 AGD 2 14David BorgRandy Rathman
Nebraska Vizsla Club2011-09-30 AGD 2 12Jim Douglass JRBonnie Bergmeyer
Nebraska Vizsla Club2011-09-30 ALGD 1 14Bonnie BergmeyerMike Zimbelman
GSP Club of Nebraska2011-09-22 AGD 2 18Joe FingerlinDavid Downing
GSP Club of Nebraska2011-09-22 ALGD 2 18David DowningMike Zimbelman
GSP Club Of Lincoln2011-09-03 AGD 2 16Jack HigginsStephen Hetmanek
GSP Club of Nebraska2011-08-27 ALGD 3 16Joe FingerlinRobert Koser
GSP Club of America2011-05-09 ALGD 4 21James DemarcoTimothy Heiner
GSP Club of Lincoln2011-04-09 AGD 3 21Joe FingerlinHeath Kooima
Mid Florida Brittany Club2011-03-25 ALGD 3 15Judy HamiltonWayne James
Florida Panhandle GSP Club2011-03-12 AGD 1 13Jim EustaceMary Wilson
GSP Club of Atlanta2011-03-03 ALGD 4 13Tania CampbellDarcy DuVal
Mid Florida Brittany Club2011-02-25 ALGD 1 8Judy HamiltonJim Carter
North Florida GSP Club2011-02-11 OGD 1 4Carl ChecklickDon Bonnice
GSP Club of Atlanta2011-01-13 AGD 3 16Finn OlsenJeffrey Craven
GSP Club of Atlanta2010-11-18 OGD 1 24Nikolaus ScharpfTim Smelcer
North Florida GSP Club2010-11-12 AGD 4 13Teresa GimbutJay L Hallaron
North Florida GSP Club2010-11-12 OGD 1 9Carl ChecklickLeonard Hutto
Hoosier Vizsla Club2010-11-05 OGD 2 27Rob TomczakMark Smith
Hoosier Vizsla Club2010-11-05 ALGD 3 14Greg DixonMark Smith
Sunflower GSP Club2010-10-15 OGD 4 30Andy GerdesJay Schroeder
GSP Club Of Lincoln2010-09-04 OLGD 2 21Thomas LococoBruce Bryant
GSP Club of Nebraska2010-08-28 AGD 2 14Terry HawkinsVegas Mathisen
Ringneck GSP Club2010-05-21 AGD 4 12Thomas LococoDavid Borg
GSP Club of America2010-05-16 ALGD 1 18James DemarcoTimothy Heiner
GSP Club of Nebraska2010-05-13 AGD 3 21Kelly CusterJames Demarco
GSP Club of Nebraska2010-05-13 OGD 4 40Kelly CusterKevin Kuiper
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2010-04-30 AGD 4 14David BartlettG F Henry
GSP Club of Lincoln2010-04-10 ALGD 2 10Thomas LococoSkip Wonnell
GSP Club of Lincoln2010-04-10 OLGD 4 14Jim Douglass JRBonnie Bergmeyer
Mid Florida Brittany Club2010-03-26 ALGD 2 6Rebecca JacobsWilliam Abbey
Mid Florida Brittany Club2010-03-26 OGD 3 14Leonard HuttoDon Bonnice
Central Florida GSP Club2010-01-30 OGD 2 10Carl ChecklickJudy Hamilton
Central Florida GSP Club2010-01-30 OLGD 1 7Carl ChecklickWilliam Bhame
Central Florida GSP Club2010-01-30 OLGD 3 7Carl ChecklickWilliam Bhame
Central Florida GSP Club2010-01-30 AGD 1 13Hiriam StanfillTeresa Gimbut
GSP Club of Atlanta2010-01-14 ALGD 4 16Kent HarterJulie Harter
GSP Club of Atlanta2008-03-01 AWD 1 14Finn OlsenTim Smelcer
GSP Club of Atlanta2007-11-16 OD 3 20Tim SmelcerWilliam Bhame
GSP Club of Colorado2007-10-04 OD 3 14Jack BrownJohn Moreland
GSP Club of Nebraska2007-09-21 OP 1 21Howard BurbachDoug Hess
Missouri Valley Brittany Club, Inc.2007-09-14 OP 3 19Bill CockrumCynthia Findley
Missouri Valley Brittany Club, Inc.2007-09-14 OD 1 18Bill CockrumCynthia Findley
GSP Club Of Lincoln2007-09-01 OD 1 14Brooks CarmichaelBonnie Bergmeyer
GSP Club of Nebraska2007-08-25 AWP 1 4Stephen HetmanekBruce Bryant
GSP Club of Nebraska2007-08-25 OP 2 11Joe FingerlinBruce Bryant
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2007-04-28 AWP 2 8Joe FingerlinPaula Abbot
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2007-04-28 AWD 4 5Joe FingerlinPaula Abbot
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2007-04-28 OD 2 12Paula AbbotStephen Hetmanek
GSP Club of Atlanta2007-03-03 OP 2 21Hiriam StanfillNikolaus Scharpf
Gordon Setter Club of America, Inc.2007-02-24 AWP 2 8Cassie AllenMark Fulmer
Gordon Setter Club of America, Inc.2007-02-24 OP 1 8Mark FulmerHenry Mago
Weimaraner Club of the Tennessee Valley2007-02-16 OP 3 9Jane PiroloAline Scharpf
North Florida GSP Club2007-02-09 AWP 3 8Gary SeybertChauncey Smith
North Florida GSP Club2007-02-09 OP 3 14Leonard HuttoGary Seybert
Central Florida GSP Club2007-01-26 OP 3 18Rebecca JacobsGary Seybert


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