Jewel's Happy Hour Archie

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Jewel's Happy Hour Archie

Breed Pointer
AKC Number SR92483504
Owner(s) M Northwood


GSP Club of Middle Tennessee2017-12-02 OD 3 7Rick HopkinsM Mays
Western Iowa Pointing Dog Club2017-10-13 OD 3 12Richard WaltersS Thielen
North Dakota Pointing Dog Club2017-05-13 OP 3 10Cynthia FindleyClark Linn
GWP Club of Wisconsin2017-04-28 OD 1 14Paul HowardLee C Wagoner
Las Vegas Bird Dog Club2017-02-02 OP 2 14J RhineBrandon Blum
Las Vegas Bird Dog Club2017-02-02 OD 1 10J RhineMatthew Solt
Southern Arizona GSP Club2017-01-27 OD 3 9Mike GeorgeTerry Ahl
Grand Canyon Brittany Club2017-01-20 OP 3 9Tom WhiteWayne Hale