FC AFC Higby Ruby

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FC AFC Higby Ruby

Breed English Setter
AKC Number SR37263302
Owner(s) J Hamilton


Pointer Associates of New England2016-10-01 OLGD 1 4Tom MercierCory Roy
North Florida GSP Club2015-03-21 OLGD 1 7Lisa DurhamDon Bonnice
North Florida GSP Club2015-02-07 OLGD 4 19Rebecca JacobsKary Jorgensen
Pointer Associates of New England2014-09-27 OLGD 1 14Richard FrawleyBrian B Frattaroli
Middle Georgia English Setter Club of Milledgeville2014-02-20 GOLGD 3 18Dave O'BrienAndrew Campbell
Old Dominion Vizsla Club2014-01-18 OLGD 1 11Mary AllenRay Rinker
Pointer Associates of New England2013-05-10 OLGD 1 7Elias RichardsonTom Tazza
Old Dominion Vizsla Club2011-10-21 OAA 2 11P RutterRay Rinker
Pointer Associates of New England2011-05-20 OLGD 2 14Jeffrey DroginRichard Murphy
Weimaraner Club of the Washington DC Area2011-04-01 OGD 1 14Gus AllimonosJeff Brown
GSP Club of Central Virginia2011-03-18 OGD 3 22Howard ShultzDorothea Romano
Southern Maryland English Setter Club2010-11-20 OGD 4 8Louis PalazzoloErica Bandes
Oak Ridge Pointing Dog Club2010-05-29 OLGD 4 20Robert K ReynoldsClifford Mesnard II
Pointer Associates of New England2010-05-21 ALGD 1 14Steven AnkerBill Felins
Mason-Dixon GSP Club2010-04-17 AGD 1 17Catherine KuhnsE Kuhns
Diamond State GSP Association2010-04-10 OGD 4 15Stephen BoyerWilliam Bruchey
Old Dominion Vizsla Club2007-05-05 OD 2 11Donald AugustineLinda Ouellette
Old Dominion Vizsla Club2007-05-03 OD 1 11Mike MullineauxDavid Walker
Pointer Associates of New England2007-04-27 AWP 1 10Calvin WelchKeith Culver
Pointer Associates of New England2007-04-27 OD 4 13Ken KohlesKeith Culver
Central Florida GSP Club2007-01-26 OP 1 18Rebecca JacobsGary Seybert
Central Florida GSP Club2007-01-26 AWD 1 9Hiriam StanfillRebecca Jacobs
Central Florida GSP Club2006-12-15 OP 2 9Leonard HuttoRebecca Jacobs
North Florida GSP Club2006-11-10 OP 3 4Leonard HuttoRebecca Jacobs
Diamond State GSP Association2006-10-27 OP 2 6Grace LawsonDave Pomfret
Pointer Associates of New England2006-09-30 OP 2 4Michael ErnestAllen Welch