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FC AFC Someday's On The Edge

AKC Number SR37497709
Breed Gordon Setter
Owner(s) A Lutz/G Lutz
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Western Washington Weimaraner Club2015-09-26 OLGD 2 11Larry SchwerdtGreg Dielman
Willamette Weimaraner Club2015-08-08 OLGD 2 14Willie Stevens JRRay Calkins
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2015-06-20 OLGD 4 10Joe WaitmanBryan Keith Adams
GSP Club of Oregon2015-05-30 OLGD 2 11Wayne YamashitaBryan Keith Adams
Trails End Vizsla Club of Oregon2015-05-16 ALGD 2 8Angela SchillereffCarolyn Griffith
Pacific Northwest Gordon Setter Club2015-03-20 AGD 3 14Meg EdenLaura Myles
East Seattle Pointing Dog Club2014-09-23 GOLGD 4 22Angela SchillereffRoger Borine
Willamette Weimaraner Club2014-08-09 ALGD 1 14Jim HouseLeslie Like
Willamette Weimaraner Club2014-08-09 OLGD 4 13Rick AxtellAlen Braswell
Willamette Weimaraner Club2014-07-26 OLGD 3 8Chris TewesRay Calkins
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2014-06-21 ALGD 3 6Ray CalkinsJoe Waitman
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2014-05-01 ALGD 3 9Jim HouseRoger Borine
Inland Empire GSP Club2013-09-28 ALGD 2 9Robert LopezArwen Dabb
Montana Brittany Club2013-08-23 AGD 1 15Dean BennionManette Jones
Montana Brittany Club2013-08-23 ALGD 4 18Jay L HallaronHeather Gast
Willamette Weimaraner Club2013-08-10 AGD 3 12Chris TewesJim House
Willamette Weimaraner Club2013-08-10 ALGD 4 10Chris TewesJim House
Willamette Weimaraner Club2013-06-29 OLGD 1 13Richard SpaccarelliWayne Yamashita
Willamette Weimaraner Club2013-06-29 ALGD 2 8Angela SchillereffAlen Braswell
Oregon Brittany Club2013-06-15 AGD 2 18Dennis LeisAlen Braswell
Oregon Brittany Club2013-06-15 OLGD 1 14Mark ShearmanRay Calkins
Washington Brittany Club, Inc.2013-04-20 AGD 2 19Wayne DownRobert Showalter
Willamette Weimaraner Club2012-08-18 ALGD 3 9Richard SpaccarelliPeter Von Ohlen
Willamette Weimaraner Club2012-08-18 OGD 4 13Chris TewesCarolyn Griffith
Washington Brittany Club, Inc.2012-08-04 AGD 2 21Robert BattinLaura Myles
Washington Brittany Club, Inc.2012-08-04 OGD 2 25Robert BattinHeinz Ahlman
Willamette Weimaraner Club2012-06-30 OGD 3 14Wayne YamashitaJoseph Proulx
Western Washington Weimaraner Club2011-07-30 OLGD 3 5Myron MeifertHeinz Ahlman
GSP Club of Washington2011-04-16 OLGD 1 29Chris TewesJoseph Schaefer
Washington Brittany Club, Inc.2010-09-17 OLGD 2 25Wayne DownJohn Henderson
Puget Sound English Setter Club2010-04-24 OLGD 3 16Hal EngelJanet Grunbok
Monterey Bay English Setter Club2010-03-27 OGD 1 8Linda AzevedoGayle Moynier
Irish Setter Club of Central California2010-02-27 OGD 1 20Terry ZygalinskiKaren Holmes
Irish Setter Club of Central California2010-02-27 OLGD 2 14Willie Stevens JRAnne Boyd
Irish Setter Club of Central California2009-11-20 OLGD 3 27Lynda SwartCasten Pigman
Irish Setter Club of the Pacific - S.F.2009-11-07 OGD 2 11Raymond NelsonPhilip Letzo
Irish Setter Club of the Pacific - S.F.2009-11-07 OLGD 2 26Anne BoydPhilip Letzo
Inland Empire GSP Club2009-09-26 OLGD 3 11Steve ShortWayne Yamashita
Puget Sound English Setter Club2009-04-25 OGD 1 17Brian LybeckMichael Eades
Gordon Setter Club of America, Inc.2009-04-18 AGD 2 10Tina LaceyRick Gerjets
Gordon Setter Club of America, Inc.2009-04-18 OGD 3 16Tina LaceyLaura Myles
Gordon Setter Club of America, Inc.2009-04-18 OLGD 4 14Laura MylesRick Gerjets
Irish Setter Club of the Pacific - S.F.2008-11-08 OGD 2 13Lou TonelliDale Shores
East Seattle Pointer Club2008-03-01 OD 4 6Gary WickwireRay Calkins
Gordon Setter Club of America, Inc.2007-09-29 OD 2 8Leslie GreenBrian Lybeck


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