DC AFC Sure Shot's Sonora Gone Heywire

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DC AFC Sure Shot's Sonora Gone Heywire

AKC Number SR38315801
Breed German Wirehaired Pointer
Owner(s) P Ljungren
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GWP Club of America, Inc.2014-10-03 NAFC 4 17R A RankinFred Smith
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2013-12-07 AGD 1 19Richard FrawleyRobert Vaulding
GWP Club of America, Inc.2013-10-07 NFC 4 22Stan TruksaJohn Moreland
GWP Club of America, Inc.2013-10-07 NAFC 4 20Jim Douglass JRDavid Taylor
Nebraska Vizsla Club2013-09-28 OGD 3 22Thomas LococoJan Erbe
GSP Club of Nebraska2013-09-19 OLGD 4 44Peter WilkinTimothy Thaden
GSP Club of Lincoln2013-04-06 OLGD 3 22Thomas LococoWayland Russell
GSP Club of Middle Tennessee2013-02-21 OLGD 2 14James R HuppTrish Burdin
Weimaraner Club of the Tennessee Valley2013-02-15 OLGD 1 13Fred LowryTrish Burdin
GWP Club of America, Inc.2013-01-21 AGD 1 7Ken ChenowethDon Bonnice
North Florida GSP Club2013-01-19 ALGD 1 6Jan ErbeKary Jorgensen
GSP Club of Middle Tennessee2012-12-01 OGD 2 26Trish BurdinWill Garrett
Vizsla Club of Metro Atlanta2012-11-23 AGD 1 14Bob ErbeJan Erbe
Vizsla Club of Metro Atlanta2012-11-23 OLGD 3 20Tania CampbellTrish Burdin
GSP Club of Atlanta2012-11-15 ALGD 4 9Tim SmelcerFred Lowry
GSP Club of Atlanta2012-11-15 OLGD 2 21Bob ErbeNikolaus Scharpf
Nebraska Vizsla Club2012-09-29 OLGD 2 24Robert KoserSkip Wonnell
GSP Club of Nebraska2012-09-20 OLGD 2 43Bruce BryantChristopher Bryant
GSP Club of Middle Tennessee2012-02-23 OLGD 1 20Paula GrossTrish Burdin
Vizsla Club of Metro Atlanta2011-11-24 OLGD 1 23James DemarcoJan Erbe
Central Georgia Pointing Dog Club2011-11-21 OGD 3 18Jan ErbeJay L Hallaron
GSP Club of Atlanta2011-11-17 AGD 4 13Tim SmelcerJeffrey Craven
GSP Club of Atlanta2011-11-17 OGD 1 20Tim SmelcerFred Lowry
GWP Club of Illinois2011-10-22 AGD 2 8Jim CourisRobert Gibson
GWP Club of Illinois2011-10-22 OGD 2 14Jim CourisPaul Katzel
GWP Club of Illinois2011-10-22 OLGD 1 18Jim CourisPaul Katzel
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2011-10-15 OLGD 4 15Joe FingerlinJim Douglass JR
GWP Club of America, Inc.2011-10-03 NAFC 4 18Diane VaterMark Johnson
Vizsla Club of Michigan, Inc.2011-10-01 OGD 4 24Kathy GulemboRon Gulembo
Vizsla Club of Michigan, Inc.2011-10-01 OLGD 3 24Kathy GulemboRon Gulembo
GSP Club of Nebraska2011-05-13 OLGD 4 31James DemarcoStephen Hetmanek
GWP Club of America, Inc.2011-05-01 AGD 1 13Ken ChenowethBonnie Bergmeyer
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2011-04-29 OGD 1 30David BartlettKevin Kuiper
GSP Club of Lincoln2011-04-09 OLGD 2 10Jim Douglass JRBill Cockrum
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2011-03-05 OGD 2 15Jim Douglass JRRobert Koser
Ozark GSP Club2011-02-18 OLGD 4 13Peter WilkinKim Amend
GWP Club of America, Inc.2008-10-06 OD 2 19Gene MoseleyJoe Luisi
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2008-09-19 OD 2 6Paul HusemannBen Hill
Washington Brittany Club, Inc.2008-09-12 OD 1 14Robin SitarDavid Kirk
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2008-05-11 OD 1 6Heinz AhlmanJon Bole
GSP Club of Washington2008-04-12 OD 2 15Steve JonesBrian Lybeck
Seattle-Tacoma GWP Club2008-03-22 OD 1 8Kelley HansenBryan Hogan
East Seattle Pointer Club2008-03-01 OD 2 6Gary WickwireRay Calkins
GWP Club of America, Inc.2007-10-29 OP 3 9Diane VaterVicky Lachance
Gordon Setter Club of America, Inc.2007-09-29 OP 2 6Anne BoydBrian Lybeck
Oregon GWP Club2007-09-14 OP 3 4Steve JonesPaul Husemann


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