Hackberry's Covergirl

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Hackberry's Covergirl

Breed Pointer
AKC Number SS04943401
Owner(s) R Konz


Oregon Brittany Club2019-04-02 OD 3 16Frank BrightJoe Gower
American Pointer Club, Inc.2018-10-03 OP 4 8William WebbDave Tompkins
American Pointer Club, Inc.2018-10-03 OD 4 15June McConnellMichael Blondin
GSP Club of Oregon2018-07-28 OP 2 4Jim HouseLeslie Like
GSP Club of Oregon2018-07-28 AWD 3 7Peter Von OhlenS Cosgriff
Willamette Weimaraner Club2018-07-07 OP 1 4Thomas QuesnellC M Strom
Oregon Brittany Club2018-06-09 OD 1 6S CosgriffJ WALTER