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2 Stakes judged by Margaret Maier

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Locations judged
Tar Heel Brittany Club
Robert J. Gordon Trial Grounds, Hoffman, NC
Amateur Gun Dog       Jan 11, 2014
17 Starters
Judges: Roger McPherson and Margaret Maier
    1. Withheld
    2. Diamond Reo - Brit
    3. Hit's For Pete's Sake - Brit
    4. Withheld
North Jersey Brittany Club, Inc.
English Setter Club Grounds, Medford, NJ
Open Derby       Apr 04, 2003
8 Starters : 7 Brit, 1 Pntr-GS
Judges: Robert Anders and Margaret Maier
    1. Hits Marjos Jersey Gypsie - Brit
    2. Valiant Bonasa - Brit
    3. Hits A Boy Named Sioux - Brit
    4. Rovans Ruby Tuesday - Brit